Solo Female Travel Like a Pro

Welcome to our section with the most in-depth solo female travel tips and advice to help you go on your next or your first solo trip.

In this page you’ll find all the resources we have on solo female travel, organized by topic so you can easily find what you are looking for. Scroll through and look for handy write-ups written by women who travel solo and from not only the collective experience of our team but of our large online community of solo female travelers.

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We all need a bit of inspiration to book that first solo trip as a woman or that next amazing vacation and in this section you will find all the examples and stories you’ll need.

  • Solo Female Travelers Documentary – we interviewed 27 women from 18 different countries to create a mini documentary with raw, candid, and inspiring footage that gives a behind the scenes look into the world of solo travel as a woman.
  • The world’s most traveled woman – Audrey is most likely, the world’s most traveled woman, having visited all countries and regions across more than 50 years of travel, listen to her amazing story!
  • Gifts for her – Find gift ideas for the solo female traveler in your life or fill your letter to Santa with ideas that will help make your travels lighter, smarter and better.
  • Books for women – All the inspiration, encouragement and learnings from other women (and some men) in our curated list of books to read.
Books for women

Where to go

Deciding where to go is he first step towards going on a trip, and in this section you’ll find all the suggestions you need.

  • Warm places in December in the USA – Escape the cold that swipes over the northern parts of the country with these suggestions for warm places you can go to without leaving the US.
  • Warm places to visit in February – For the solo female travelers chasing endless summer, here are places that remain warm in the classic northern hemisphere winter.

Solo Female Travel Preparation

Preparing for a solo trip can be daunting and stressful, it can also generate a lot of anxiety. On the other hand, the preparation phase is also one of excitement and anticipation for many solo female travelers. Below are several resources that can help you plan a solo trip.

  • Awareness – This is a resource page for travelers who want to educate themselves on social justice topics around the world as part of their preparation. Find podcasts, videos, articles and organisations that champion various relevant topics so you can learn more and be a more aware and educated traveler.
  • Travel Planning guide – The most comprehensive travel planning resource you will find, with all the tools we, and the community, use to research and plan a trip. This is the only travel planning list you’ll need.
  • Best travel insurance – Never leave the house without travel insurance! In this article you will find everything you need to know when choosing the right one and the insurance companies we recommend.
  • 200+ Solo female travel safety tips – The most comprehensive list of tips and advice to stay safe when traveling solo, from safety in taxis and hotels to safety in the wild, in a hotel room and everywhere else.
  • Road trip planning – Going on that solo road trip? Our road tripping guide is all you need to read to plan and go on the trip of a lifetime.
  • How to save money for travel – We all want to travel more but financial constraints often put a damper on our plans. On this article, we will share strategies to save for travel and our tried and tested method.
  • How to find free accommodation – Yes, it is indeed possible to not spend anything on accommodation when traveling, are you wondering how? Let us share our tips for finding free accommodation when traveling solo.
  • Best language learning apps – As solo female travelers, being able to communicate with the locals is pretty useful and in this article you’ll find a list of the best language learning apps as well as comparisons and pros and cons.
  • Women only tours – A list of companies which offer tours for solo female travelers or women only.
  • Genius travel packing hacks – To pack like a pro: faster, lighter and smarter. Our collection of hacks accumulated from years of travel and crowdsourced from our community.
  • How to find travel buddies – Traveling solo rocks, we promise, but there is something exotic, adventurous and fun about finding a travel buddy to accompany some of your days of solo travel. There are also trips or times when you would rather have a travel friend to go with you. In this article you’ll find a list of platforms you can use to find someone to travel with.

Solo Female Travel Destination Guides

In this section, we include all the destination-specific solo female travel tips. You will find travel tips, safety tips and useful articles and resources for the most popular solo female travel destinations.



  • Iceland travel tips for women – An extensive list of travel tips for your solo female trip to Iceland including things to know before the trip, music to get in the mood, books to read, movies to watch and more.
  • Packing list for women visiting Iceland in winter – What to pack for your trip to Iceland, including a detailed list of clothing to wear and recommendations for brands we love and use.


Making the Most of Your Solo Female Travels

  • How to enjoy eating alone – Anxious about eating alone? Self-conscious and concerned about what others may think? Afraid you will be bored? We have all had these thoughts at least one and in this article you’ll learn everything you need to know to see these feelings in a different way and overcome them to actually enjoy and look forward to a solo meal.
  • First time flying tips – If you are about to fly for the first time, you’ll find this article very useful.We have compiled extensive tips to make that first flight more comfortable and less stressful and will be telling you in detail what to expect.
  • How to meet people when traveling solo – As a solo female traveler you will most likely want to meet other travelers and locals and in this article we will give you many suggestions to make that easier.
  • How to take photos of yourself – Forget about ugly and clunky selfies and take our list of tips to take better photos of yourself when traveling solo onboard, you’ll be amazed at how much better your photos will be!

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