We are on a mission to empower women to travel solo, safely and on their own terms with expert advice and resources.

On this page you will find all the Premium online courses we offer to help you get started traveling solo or brush up on your skills if you are out of practise. You will also find lots of free sessions delivered by experts on a variety of topics.

Exclusive Premium Courses

Empowerful Speakers

Do you worry about your safety when traveling solo?

Are you concerned about falling prey to scams or about being robbed or harassed when traveling solo? Do you worry about something bad happening to you? Or about feeling overwhelmed, scared or anxious in a foreign land?

You are not alone. 64% of women worry about their mental and physical safety when traveling solo. But confidence builds competence and knowledge is power!

This is why we’re bringing you our courses, your new female superpower!

Full Empowerful Course

35+ sessions, 40+ experts, 50+ hours of content on Solo Female Travel Safety, Wellness and Sexual Wellbeing. Course details

Language Courses

Thanks to the best language learning apps and courses, learning a new language has never been easier than it is today. While travelers in the past may have relied on months of immersion, or an endless stack of flash cards, nowadays there is a fantastic range of apps to choose from, all offering fluency, and a promise to have you speaking a foreign language in a day.

Click here to read about our favorite Language Learning apps, as recommended by the 210,000 + members in our Facebook Group. Below are additional courses we can recommend.

Mondly – 41 Languages

Named best app by Facebook and Apple, advanced AI technology gives you a virtual teacher as you work through learning 41 languages. Learn any language, from any language (not restricted to learning from English).

Impressive chatbot that corrects your pronunciation and can hold an actual conversations.

Il Dolce Vivere: Italian Fluency Accelerator

Italian language & travel coach Robin Who offers this Immerse Italian course, using the V.I.S framework (Visualize. Your goals. Short and long-term.)

Learn Italian with: 60 Days of weekly real-time voice and text support, M-THU in private Slack channel to defeat any barriers + full-immersion techniques + a method to guide you to success and enable you to master the basics and reach confidence in the first 30 days. Achieve that A2 level with confidence for A THIRD of the price.

From Nada to Español: Spanish Fluency Accelerator

An immersive program to accerlate your fluency in Spanish, so that you can actually apply it to communicate in your travels, or Spanish-speaking environments.

Cirriculum uses the VIS methodology to become more language independent, and includes learnings about the culture to make deeper connections and feel more confiden speaking to Spanish speakers.

Complimentary Sessions

We host a wide range of live educational sessions exclusively for our community (for free!) with the intention to encourage, empower and inspire women to plan a trip and travel solo. Live webinars are streamed to the Facebook group and the page, and edited versions are posted on our YouTube channel.

Have an idea for a session? Reach out to Meg and Mar via [email protected]

Quick Links

Interviews With Women Who Inspire

1st Australian and Slovakian Women to Visit Every Country in the World!

Don’t miss this inspiring evening with Rach and Marty: the 1st Australian and Slovakian women to visit every country in the world!

Rach and Marty from Very Hungry Nomads will take us on a tour around the world as they complete (in 2020) their quest to be the 1st Australian and Slovakian women to visit every country!

Very Hungry Nomads Map01

An Evening with the World’s Most Well Traveled Woman!

Don’t miss this inspiring interview with Audrey Walworth – the world’s most well traveled woman!

Audrey started traveling in 1969 and has now visited every country in the world. She was the first woman (and probably still the only one) to have visited all 324 territories, and is still traveling, at the age of 87.

She and Mar share stories from over 50 years worth of travel!

Audrey Walsworth

She Travels The World Legally Blind

Don’t miss this SUPER inspiring interview with Kerry Kijewski; a writer, blogger, podcaster, and advocate who was born legally blind, but doesn’t let that stop her from traveling the world!

Kerry explores the world using her remaining senses and likes to paint pictures using words. She was raised on travel and its many benefits and she recognizes the great privilege in that.

Kerry Kijewski

Destination Sessions (Traveling Here as a Solo Female Traveler)

Travel to Sardinia

Claudia Tavani is a former human rights lawyer who abandoned her academic career to pursue a life of travel. Through My Adventures Across the World she wishes to inspire others to travel more and better.

Originally from Sardinia, she recently launched another site / Strictly Sardinia– to spread the word about what she believes is the most beautiful island in the world.

This session takes us on a journey to Sardinia; a large island at the heart of the Mediterranean, part of Italy, but incredibly different!

Claudia Tavani

Antarctica: Everything You Need to Know

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about traveling to Antarctica in this live Q&A session with experts from Quark Expeditions.

Tanzania & Kilimanjaro Q&A with a Local Guide

Glory Thobias joins us live from Arusha to answer all your questions about the trip we have organized to visit the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Zanzibar and tell us all about Climbing Kilimanjaro, something she has done 200+ times, YES! More than 200 times!!

Glory is one of the very few female guides in Tanzania and was recognised as the Best Female Guide by Tanzania National Park Authority (TANAPA) in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

She is passionate about empowering women and girls in tourism and founded the Tanzania Women Guides Foundation, an NGO focused on connecting women to opportunities in tourism so the future generations are more gender balanced.

Serengeti Tanzania Safari

Exploring Morocco

Amanda Mouttaki is an American writer, blogger, and entrepreneur based in Marrakech. She is the voice behind the popular website MarocMama which inspires readers from all over the world to visit Morocco and broaden their horizons on the country, it’s traditions, and its cuisine. 

Amanda also owns Marrakech Food Tours, a company that helps English speaking guests discover what and where Moroccans really eat.

Amanda will be discussing travel to Morocco as a woman who has traveled and/or lived in the country for the last 15 years including issues of safety, when and where to go and ways to go beyond the normal tourist activities to have enriching experiences. 

Planning a US National Park Adventure

Jennifer is the founder of National Park Obsessed, an online resource that helps you plan the most amazing National Park adventures.

She is a National Park expert who has spent an extensive amount of time in the US National Parks, having been to over 250 of the US National Park Units and 54 of the National Parks (on a mission to visit all 62).

She is an expert at planning National Park trips and shares her knowledge of the Parks; how to plan your own adventure, plus a tour through some of the best!

Jennifer Melroy

Travel to Armenia

Megan Starr is a travel blogger and writer who focuses on content from the Eastern Bloc and Scandinavia. She has spent the last year and a half living in Yerevan, Armenia and runs Absolutearmenia.com a website dedicated to developing tourism in the country.

This session is your official inside scoop into travel to Armenia; one of the least known and visited countries and a hidden gem of wine, heritage, mountains, nature and food in the caucasus!

Megan Starr Armenia

How to Plan for Trekking in Nepal

Anya from Unexpected Occurrence and local trekking guide Asmita Sapkota guiding us through everything we need to know about trekking in Nepal as a Solo Female Traveler!

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Popular treks you can take in Nepal
  • Lesser known treks that are absolutely worth doing
  • How to plan and pack for trekking
  • Pros and cons of trekking with or without a guide
  • Best ways to train in advance
  • Cost of trekking (how much you should budget)
Trekking in Nepal RF

Travel Tips Webinars

Travel documents

Susana and Dalma from iVisa.com share their tips and tricks for traveling in COVID times, applying for visas, handling travel paperwork, post-Brexit UK travel, digital nomad visas and managing all the admin side of travel successfully and happily!

Reusable period products and travel

If you had questions about your period while traveling, watch this session with Sabrina Baldini, from The Period Purse, who is a sex educator and period advocate.

Sabrina gives us an honest, unfiltered grown-up talk about traveling on your period and about reusable period products. The pros and ons of each, costs, availability and how they function.

How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance

Do you buy travel and medical insurance before your trips? Do you know the difference between travel and medical insurance, and exactly what you should cover?

Carolin Pilligrath has been travelling the world as a digital nomad for years until she set up a home base in her soul home Australia. She currently works as a Partnerships Consultant for SafetyWing and shares her industry knowledge and expertise on how to choose the right travel insurance.

She is also the founder of Breathing Travel where she creates stories & gear for adventurous souls, beach bums and travel addicts.


How to Pick a Yoga Retreat

When it comes to Yoga Retreats, you can go on a simple retreat in the yoga capital of the world from $99 (yes, ONLY $99!) or to a luxury retreat in the Greek Islands for $2,500 – your choice!

Get expert tips choosing a yoga retreat from Charlotte at BookYogaRetreats, where you can find more than 6,000 yoga retreats all over the world.

Charlotte is an avid traveler who has been working in the tech travel industry for more than 8 years and has a passion for wellness, travel, and yoga – which she can combine working at BookYogaRetreats by Tripaneer, in her job as Strategic Partnerships Manager.

Charlotte will talk about different types of yoga retreats, and how to pick one!

Yoga waterfall RF

Ethical Animal Tourism

Ashley Markewinski is a former zookeeper, lead keeper at two zoos, with a Bachelor’s degree in animal science and nutrition, and a Master’s degree in Zoology, with a focus on animal behaviour and welfare.

Join us as we discuss animal rights vs. welfare, the role of zoos and how to critically evaluate animal interactions on our travels. Let’s educate ourselves about the pros and cons of animal tourism so we can be more responsible travelers.


How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Learn more about your carbon footprint and how to reduce it as well as travel tips to minimise your impact on the environment when traveling.

Michelle Li is the founder of Clever Carbon, an organization that teaches people about their carbon footprint in a hip, modern, and relatable way. She believes a carbon literate society is one where transparency and accountability will flourish and one worth striving for. As responsible travelers, we want to enable #clevercarbondecisions for all.

How to Travel More Sustainably

Kendal from Getaway Girl is a sustainable and zero waste travel blogger educating travelers and travel industry professionals how to wander without waste.

Passionate about sustainable travel and minimising our impact on the environment, she will give us all tips we can implement today to reduce our footprint while traveling!

We will be discussing some easy sustainable “wins” and some long-term sustainable goals perfect for solo female travelers to adopt and make a positive impact on the planet!

How to Make the Most of a Travel Agent

Laura Clear is an Australian travel agent who works for hundreds of clients across the country.

She talks to us about how to make the most of a travel agent as a traveler – why you should use them, when you should use them (and when you’d be better off booking independently), and things to watch out for to make sure you’re getting the most benefit out of going through a travel agent.

Plus, any other burning questions you want to know!

Travel agent RF

The Invisible Baggage

Gabriela Sirbu is an expert practitioner with in-depth knowledge in peace and conflict and talks to us about why we travel to escape but end up taking an invisible baggage with us.

With a Master Degree in Peace and Conflict Transformation and a specialization within practical psychology, Gabriela works as a therapist and holds seminars and workshops on multicultural communications.

Her main goal is to help people become aware of how their invisible luggage is influencing their communication patterns, their behavior, and their life.

Work & Travel Training Sessions

How to Travel More with a Full Time Job

Jen Ruiz is a lawyer turned travel blogger, author & public speaker. She takes us through the contents of her book You Need A Vacation!: How to Travel with a Full-Time Job.

We talk about the argument for taking your vacation days and how to get over the guilt, how to negotiate more leave time at all stages of a job, how to make the most of limited time off, and how to come back seamlessly after your trip!

Click play to watch: This is a PUBLIC session! Or, watch the unedited version directly in Facebook.

Volunteering Abroad using Work Exchange Programs

Claire Sturzaker is an expert in solo female travel, and has traveled extensively throughout Latin America and Europe, having lived and worked in several countries using work exchange, volunteer programmes and summer jobs.

Claire will talk about Work Away and similar programs you can join to exchange volunteering work for accommodation and/or meals while traveling.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Teaching English has become one of the most popular travel jobs in recent years.

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about teaching English online or abroad from Linda, who has taught in both Korea and China, and now works with International TEFL or TESOL Training, a company graduating 8,000 students every year since 1997.

International TEFL and TESOL Training is the most complete resource to gain certifications to teach English abroad. Members of the Solo Female Travelers community get 10% OFF regular prices when applying for the courses here.