Do You Care About Safety?

Traveling solo as a woman requires the courage
to overcome worries about personal safety.

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65% of women who haven’t traveled solo cite the fear of something happening to them as the reason for not traveling on their own.

Let’s let that sink in … more than half of women who would like to travel solo don’t, due to fear of safety.

Among those who have already ventured out on their own, 64% still worry about their safety.

While experience traveling solo reduces this fear from 75% among women who have taken less than 5 solo trips to 52% for those who have traveled more than 10 times on their own, this is still a staggering insight.

The majority of Solo Female Travelers, regardless of their travel experience,
worry about personal safety while traveling alone.

As such, we provide the following resources to EMPOWER WOMEN
to travel safely, on their own.

Solo Female Travel Safety Resources

Safety Index Solo Female Travelers

Solo Female Travel Safety Index

The best way to prepare before a trip is to understand the degree and kind of safety risk of a destination. Find out accurate, relevant and up to date advice from other solo female travelers in our Safety Index.

The Safety Index ranks 200 destinations based on travel dangers with data from the Global Peace Index, the UK and US Government Travel Advisories, and the first-hand experience of thousands of solo female travelers from all around the world.

Safety Tips

A complete list of Solo Female Travel Safety tips and advice from the 272,000 members of our community, covering every part of the travel experience, from safety when booking, to safety when you’re on the streets.

Solo Female Travel Statistics

Safety Statistics

The Solo Female Travel Survey was launched at the end of 2021 to bridge the gap between decision makers, the travel industry and women traveling solo.

It is the largest, most comprehensive and only global research study on solo female travel trends, preferences and behaviors published and aims to shed more light on the solo female travel experience in an effort to provide a platform for dialogue and a path towards normalizing solo travel as a woman.

The survey will be run annually to track changes in perceptions, attitudes, behaviors and preferences over time.

Empowerful: Safety Course

Empowerful is an always-on festival focused on Safety, Wellness, and Sexual Wellbeing for Solo Female Travelers.

You’ll access 30+ sessions, 35+ experts and over 50 hours of learning via masterclasses, panel discussions, and inspiring interviews to empower YOU to travel solo safely.

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Join Our Safety Group

When planning a solo trip as a woman, getting trustworthy and relevant advice is critical.

Context and relatability matter, and Solo Female Travelers want to hear from other women who travel solo within the safe environment of an online community of like minded individuals (68% of women told us they find recommendations from other solo female travelers in Facebook groups Trustworthy or Very trustworthy).

Make your business more solo female travel friendly

Are you looking to better tailor your offer to Solo Female Travelers? Do you want to better understand this segment to adapt your offer? Do you want to train your team to be more aware of the needs and challenges of women who travel solo?

We consult on how your business can better serve / cater to Solo Female Travelers, and offer corporate and staff training to equip your employees with the knowledge and skills to properly serve Solo Female Travelers. Reach out to us to discuss how we can help you with in-depth data and expertise.

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