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We empower women to travel the world solo, safely and on their own terms

Solo Female Travelers Tours

Journeys of a lifetime with like-minded women in extraordinary destinations

We curate female-only, intimate journeys of a lifetime that take you beyond the tourist hot spots to experience the local culture and open your eyes to the world.

Enjoy long lunches under the Tuscan sun; Pair small batch wines with home cooked paellas; Share an evening with Mongolian nomadic herders; Get your hands painted with intricate henna designs; Marvel at forgotten civilisations; See the sunrise atop a 400m sand dune; Watch herds of elephants from a hot air balloon; Chase the Northern Lights; Be left speechless by pristine icebergs and penguin rookeries; Celebrate International Women’s Day on the roof of Africa; Track gorillas in the mist; And so much more.

For Womxn, by Womxn

We are a female-led, female-powered and female-focused platform.

Founded by long term solo travelers Mar Pages and Meg Jerrard who have jointly been to over 150 countries, more than 50 of those on their own, Solo Female Travelers is all about female empowerment.

Our mission isn’t just a statement written on a website, it is something we live and breathe every day.

Get inspired!

See what other solo female travelers have to say

We interviewed 27 women who travel solo of all ages and backgrounds, from New Zealand to the US, from South Africa to Slovenia to ask them the same questions: Why they travel solo, what tips they have for solo female travelers and what stereotypes they have had to hear through the years.

Solo Female Travel Safety

Empowerful, the first Solo Female Travel Safety, Wellness & Sexual Wellbeing course

Travel solo can be scary, 73% of you told us so. And we couldn’t sit there with our arms crossed, we had to do something about it. So we gathered the best experts on physical and mental safety and wellbeing and brought them together at Empowerful.

Over 40 sessions and 50h of content delivered by more than 50 speakers from all over the world. We have martial artists, doctors, researchers, professors, advocates, pilots and so much more. Some are even included in Forbes 30 under 30 list, were awarded by The Queen of England, are widely published authors or have appeared on US TV shows.

Don’t keep us a secret…

Invite your female friends to our group for women who travel solo!

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Solo Female Travelers (Noun): A club of wander womxn* who defy social norms, challenge the status quo, and have the courage to travel alone. These womxn dare to be different, have a warrior spirit, and epic stories between the pages of their passport. They unite here, under a fierce independence, and a shared passion for traveling solo.

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