About Us

We are a 245,000+ member community of brave, fearless and independent womxn with a shared passion for traveling solo (that’s not a typo! ‘womxn‘ is the term we use to welcome ALL those who identify as female).

Our Facebook Group is the heart of our community, while this website is our go-to resource for crowd-sourced recommendations, inspiration and tools to make solo travel as a womxn rewarding, enriching and safe.

Our values of inclusion, open-mindedness, courage, positive impact, and the fact that we stand united guide our decisions and are the foundation for the community. We love to travel solo, but we also meet up for women-only tours to travel together.

Our Origins

Created in 2015, Solo Female Travelers was the first Facebook Group for women who travel solo, and in a short 7 years, has become a global movement; an international community of over 2345,000 women, from 100 countries around the world (find more detailed demographic information here).

Our website was launched in 2020 to provide a permanent resource for our members and solo female travelers around the world.

As the group grew, we felt the need to have a place where all the fantastic aggregated knowledge could be easily found and referred to for the most commonly asked questions.

We’ve since gone onto launch master courses, women-only tours, and additionally run the largest global survey on Solo Female Travel trends every year, to bridge the gap between decision makers, the travel industry and women traveling solo.

What You’ll Find On Our Website

This website aims to be an unbiased resource for womxn planning solo trips. Start here to find all the resources we have on solo female travel, organized by topic so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Whether this is your first time going alone or your 10th, the articles on this website will provide you the resources you need to have an unforgettable time. Between our pages you will find:

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What others say about us

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