Funny vacation memes

We love a good travel meme, so we put together this list of the funny vacation memes, many of which were shared by our community members, so you can have a good laugh and relate to the highs and lows of travel. Enjoy these vacation meme jokes!

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Funny vacation memes on flights

Check out these funny travel memes related to everything that happens before and during a flight. 

Finding cheap flight deals

Finding a cheap plane ticket is like winning the lottery, only you still have to buy the tickets, but they come with guaranteed winnings!

Airlines hypocrisy

This travel meme describes our love/hate relationship between passengers and airlines.

Having the seats next to you empty

This is one of the best feelings! If you get lucky you can have some extra space to stretch your legs or even lay down and have a comfy sleep, a vacation meme we all hope for, on every single flight. 

Vacation memes in the times of COVID 

Especially during COVID times, people who cough or sneeze in a plane might get a few stares. We can’t even begin to imagine what it must feel like with those with allergies.

Funny vacation meme for the single travelers out there

The look on all the passengers’ faces (especially the single and solo ones) when crying children start boarding the plane is textbook hilarious. And then the game of chairs begins until they sit down and the unlucky one meets their fate. Our flying tip: bring some earplugs just in case! 

When someone hot passes by

A funny travel meme that illustrates the feeling we all have when the prospect of a good looking seatmate strolls down the aisle. Seats are for one and we know how tight they are these days, but we could make some exceptions. 

When the plane lands and people clap

There’s always that person that gets excited when the plane lands safely. Or perhaps they are excited to have arrived. We are not sure, but we know that half of the plane will be celebrating while the other half will be wondering why.

Walking down the aisle

A funny vacation meme for all those single travelers who prefer a different kind of aisle, one that comes with narrow seats and windows on each side. 

Missing the snack cart 

This is a travel meme for all those who fall asleep in planes as soon as the doors close and then miss their free snack or meal. 

Airlines being illogical

All those times when airline rules appear illogical, but we know there is some other reason we are not understanding that explains all the nonsense.

The low-cost airline challenge

We all love to hate low-cost airlines, but then they come up with an irresistible offer we cannot refuse and we find ourselves at the back of a plane squashed and pushed just to save some money. Bargain hunters out there will appreciate this funny meme.

Wanting to be responsible with money

We can’t help it, cheap flight deals are too irresistible and all our resolutions go out the window when we receive those magical words: “flight deals”.

Memes related to packing

Packing is one of the most annoying, necessary and enjoyable parts of travel. Here are some travel memes related to the process of packing for a trip.

Packing for a vacation

This packing for vacation meme says it all. We may be attired in the same comfy clothes all week, working from home with pajama pant and a work shirt, but when in Greece, we will put on that fabulous flying dress for a stylish photoshoot, top-model style

Reason for the baggage overweight

Nobody wants to wear the same outfit at the beach, for afternoon tea at a luxury hotel and for sunset drinks at the hippest bar in town. This is a funny vacation meme the girls will understand. 

Unpacking your suitcase

There are two types of people in this world: the ones that unpack their suitcase and use the dresser, and the ones that leave everything in their suitcases and make a bit of a mess. Which one are you?

Funny vacation memes related to work & travel

Work and travel may sound like a conundrum, can you relate to these funny travel memes?. 

Waking up to work vs waking up to travel

It’s NOT the same! We struggle with waking up to work but what about waking up to catch that middle of the night flight? Anytime (especially if we saved money by doing that).

Leaving work for a vacation

Is that you in the meme, rushing out of the office a little earlier that day before vacation? 

Not available for work

If you need anything at all… don’t let me know! Nothing compares to using the excuse of being on vacation to ignore your coworkers and boss. It’s your holiday and you deserve some uninterrupted “me” time.

A funny vacation meme for digital nomads

This meme is so true. We all think digital nomads are living the best life and they do sometimes, but IG vs. reality never felt more real than when trying to work at the beach.

When you get a work email on vacation

There’s never time to answer a work email on vacation. 

Back to work

A vacation meme we all experience when returning from a vacation, every single time. Vacations do get us out of the work habit.

Not made for a 9-5 job

You were made for great things.

Memes about traveling solo

We’re all for solo travel and the amazing memories solo trips create. Laugh out loud with these funny vacation memes that will resonate with every solo adventurer out there!

What solo female travelers get told

A meme about solo vacations that always makes us laugh. Our massive community knows that we don’t need no man to travel the world! 

Family members’ opinions 

Many solo travelers have had that family member who makes negative comments about them traveling solo, especially around all the unfounded myths of solo travel.

Don’t take advice from those with no experience, it will just be a compilation of stereotypes, misconceptions and the media’s opinion, never an unbiased one. Rather, look for reliable sources like Facebook travel groups, official safety rankings, government pages and travel articles

When the squad cancels

Don’t let others stop you from doing anything, you are your best friend. Go anyways, you might end up meeting new people and having the trip of a lifetime. 

Waiting for friends

The funniest yet truest of all the funny vacation memes in this list: If you’re waiting for others to travel, you’ll probably wait forever, so buy that plane ticket and go on your first solo trip.

Friends saying they will join you

Bet you’ve heard this from your friends many times, but don’t up your expectations, or you may end up like in the previous travel meme.

The vacation cycle

Do you also relate to this travel meme? We’re always in need of a vacation.

The booking process

When you skip the planning phase and go straight ahead to buy the plane ticket. Who wants to plan a whole trip, just get the ticket and figure out the rest later. Funny vacation meme for those out there who prefer to go with the flow.

Should I move here?

We relate! It’s inevitable to fantasize about moving to a city you just fell in love with, though we can assure you that it is not the same to visit a place and see it through the rose glasses of a visitor than to live there and deal with the day to day challenges. Do your research and decide what will truly make you happy. If it’s a move, find a job you can do online and just go!

Trying to speak the local language

When you say the one word you practiced in the local language and they speak to you like you’re fluent. Have you tried to speak the local language while abroad? 

Group travel plans be like

You might relate with this one, if what started as a group trip ended up as a solo trip, why not join one of our group tours with like minded solo female travelers?

COVID-related vacation memes

The pandemic had a relevant impact on travel, and while it was tragic in many parts of the world and continues to be, humor is one of the best ways to process a difficult time, so here are some funny vacation memes related to COVID-19. 

COVID vs travel

Who relates to this funny meme? I bet all of us. COVID canceled more than one trip.

Passport stamps

This is how our passport stamps looked like during the lockdowns.

Pisa tower with no tourists

The Pisa Tower couldn’t stand for long without the strength of tourists taking pictures.

My vacation

In the middle of COVID, we were still dreaming of a vacation and didn’t give up on our dreams. 

Millennials during COVID

Millennials get a lot of flack these days but if the borders remained open and some countries welcomed tourists, who could stop them from booking a flight to paradise?

People with coronavirus

The irony of COVID and those who were either asymptomatic or who preferred to live life to the fullest.

More random funny vacation memes

Lastly, check out these funny travel memes that we couldn’t keep out of this list.

Waiting to travel?

Don’t wait too long or you might fall asleep in the middle of a gondola ride.

Before vs after

A trip can drastically change our mood, or provide many other benefits.

Nerves at security

Does anyone else get nervous going through airport security? Maybe not a bomb, but what about forgetting to pack the liquids in small containers and risking to lose that bottle of expensive lotion?

We can walk

Maybe you are the travel friend illustrated in this funny vacation meme? We are sure guilty of that. Plus, the more steps we take, the more gelato we can eat!

Every European city

This map sounds familiar. It could be Florence, it could be Paris, London or even Amsterdam. So many European cities follow the same structure, it’s hard to tell them apart.

The pre-trip excitement

The funny travel meme we all want to experience: that extra boost of happiness in the weeks leading up to your departure, priceless.

My plan vs my budget

Many of us have been there! We dream of a vacation in paradise but our budget sets some limits and takes us from super yacht to iron. Learn how to save money for travel here.

Where are you from?

The meme for all those third culture kids, expats, multicultural children and children of migrants. There are many possible answers to the question where are you from, from a 2 second reply to a 15 minute life story.

Getting broke because of the mini bar

The fear is real! Do you take stuff from the mini bar at hotels?

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