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Best Travel Insurance For Solo Female Travelers

You should never, ever, leave the house without travel insurance. If anything happened to you, you could easily end up bankrupt or not get the help you need. It’s simply not worth it, and this is one of the most important parts of travel planning.

To help you find good value travel insurance, we’ve compared the top 6 companies, as recommended by our community. These are the most popular and reputable travel insurance websites that travelers around the world use.

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Jobs and Careers That Actually REQUIRE You to Travel

There are many incredible travel jobs which are directly related to the travel industry, and many incredible online jobs which allow you to work remotely as you travel. However there are also many other jobs that require travel, and which provide for great opportunities to travel while doing something else.

Many of these pseudo travel jobs may even be better than working in the travel industry directly because you get to enjoy travel as a guest, and they often have generous travel perks.

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Travel industry jobs

Best Travel Industry Jobs For Work and Travel

One of the most obvious ways to work and travel the world is by picking a job within the travel industry.

Some of the most obvious ones, such as cabin crew, are directly related to travel whereas others, like a travel agent, provide employees with lots of benefits that make it easier and more affordable to travel more often.

In this article we want to look at travel jobs, aka jobs that are in the travel industry. Some of these require degrees and specialist education, whereas others have minimum skill requirements or can be learned with online courses.

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Remote and Online Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

The percentage of people with location-independent jobs has only been increasing in the last few years. Envy-inducing photos by bloggers and Instagrammers have created a new demand for jobs in travel and for jobs that require or expect one to travel.

This article will list all the jobs that can be done online or remotely so you can travel and work online and become location-independent.

Do you want a job that lets you travel the world? Read on!

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Hotel safety tips

Hotel Safety Tips For Solo Female Travelers

There’s a lot of advice out there about staying safe while traveling, from taking precautions at the airport, to using public transport, or actually wandering around. But after an incredible day of exploring, we often get back to the hotel, kick our feet up, and let our guard down.

And I totally get it – you’re on vacation, and the last thing you want to do is worry about hotel security. But hotel stays carry an inherent level of risk, and everything from break-ins, to fires, to bed bugs, and terrorist attacks could potentially affect you.

While it’s not worth becoming too paranoid about some of these, after-all you’re much more likely to be killed by a vending machine than a terrorist, it’s definitely in your best interest to take a few precautions to protect against common hotel risks.

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Iceland glacier

How to Be a Socially Conscious Traveler in Iceland

As solo female travelers, we strive to minimize our negative impact on the environment as we travel, and build social value where-ever we go. We are keenly aware of our impact as travelers, and believe that sustainable tourism should be mutually beneficial to both the traveler and the destination. 

With the idea of being conscious of our impact on both nature and culture, here are 10 easy steps for being a socially conscious traveler in Iceland.

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How to keep your passport safe

How to Keep Your Passport Safe While Traveling

Having a passport is a wonderful thing. With it, you have access to thousands of incredible destinations around the globe. Without it, you’re stuck at home. And as solo female travelers we hate being stuck at home!

So it’s important to keep it safe at all times. It’s a small document, but ever so crucial, and whether it’s before, during, or after your travels, you should treat it as if it’s gold. The following are tips for keeping your passport safe, as well as other important passport info.

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