100+ Wisest Solo Travel Quotes

We all love a good solo travel quote. They ignite a curiosity inside us, inspire us to get up off the couch, and sometimes, give us that push of courage to go!

There are plenty of solo travel quotes floating around the web, from the classics you see on every Instagram feed (“Not all those who wander are lost”), to the motivational, philosophical, and super poetic. But what about the wisest?

Here you’ll find 100 + of our favorite, wisest solo travel quotes!

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Easiest way to take good pictures of yourself alone

Try as you might, your selfies are just not turning out the way you want them to. After trawling Instagram for hours, you just can’t figure out the magical formula for how to take pictures of yourself alone. You are not alone. This is one of the most commonly asked questions in our community “Hey …

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10 Jobs and Careers That Actually REQUIRE You to Travel in 2023

There are many incredible travel jobs which are directly related to the travel industry, and many incredible online jobs which allow you to work remotely as you travel. However there are also many other jobs that require travel, and which provide for great opportunities to travel while doing something else.

Many of these pseudo travel jobs may even be better than working in the travel industry directly because you get to enjoy travel as a guest, and they often have generous travel perks.

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How to have safe sex traveling

There’s something about being on the other side of the world where nobody knows you; you feel free, confident and bold, and may be open to trying new things, including getting intimate with someone. Love, romance and maybe something more are all part of the solo travel journey and we’re here to help you make …

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Best self defense tools for women

Do you feel safe when you travel solo? Are you looking for a women-friendly self-defense tool to keep you safe when traveling or at home? You are not alone. According to our annual solo female travel survey, 64% of solo female travelers worry about their safety. Additionally, women also expressed their worry about the lack …

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20 Easiest Remote and Online Jobs You Can Do in 2023 While Traveling

The percentage of people with location-independent jobs has only been increasing in the last few years. Envy-inducing photos by bloggers and Instagrammers have created a new demand for jobs in travel and for jobs that require or expect one to travel.

This article will list all the jobs that can be done online or remotely so you can travel and work online and become location-independent.

Do you want a job that lets you travel the world? Read on!

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135+ Short travel captions for your Instagram photos

If you’re looking for the perfect short caption for your travel pics, you’ve come to the right place! Coming up with a great caption for your Instagram travel pics is a hard task! Have you taken a stunning picture but your mind comes blank when you try to choose a caption? Even harder is to …

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Women Tour Company Launches Trip Focused on Self Defense 

Solo Female Travelers expands portfolio of learning-based tours with an Iceland itinerary that includes self-defense workshops delivered by local NGO.  Safety is top of mind for women who travel on their own even for those who have traveled solo more than 10 times, 52% of which still worry about their personal safety. Understanding that concerns …

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2023 will be the year of solo female travel, research seeks to confirm

Solo Female Travelers launches its third annual survey on travel trends and expects to confirm that COVID related barriers to travel are behind us and interest in traveling solo is higher than ever. The 2022 edition of the Solo Female Travel Trends Survey replicates previous years’ format and aims to collect 5,000 responses from participants …

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