How to find free accommodation

There are many ways to travel on a budget, but did you know you can also find free accommodation when traveling? That’s right, you can save completely on your accommodation by using several of the tricks and programs mentioned on this article. This is a question that is posed in our community of solo female …

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First time flying tips

Flying for the first time is exciting, but it can also be stressful and cause a lot of anxiety, and this is why we have put together a list of tips for your first time flying.  What if you forget something? What if you get lost at the airport? What if you miss your flight? …

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Best Facebook travel groups to join

Search engines seem to have the answer to almost every question, but when it comes to travel, we prefer to ask friends and family for advice first. If your circle of friends does not travel much or can’t help with an upcoming trip, Facebook travel groups are a great way to find your tribe and …

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Catalonia and Barcelona Travel Guide for Solo Female Travelers

Our 2020 Solo Female Travel survey revealed that Spain is one of the best destinations for Solo Female Travelers. As the most visited city in Spain with close to 20 million international tourists and the number 1 cruise city in Europe, Barcelona is the perfect place for women traveling solo to get started. Our Co-Founder, …

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Inspirational books for women

Looking for great inspirational books for women to inspire, inform, challenge, teach and entertain you? We got you covered with this list of over 100 options. You will find the books split into various sections: Inspiration, Career & Success books, Great Explorer stories and Travel books. Scroll through, read our reviews and highlights and get …

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Meet Audrey, The World’s Most Well Traveled Woman

Ever wondered what it takes to be the world’s most traveled woman? Or what it’s like to visit every country in the world? What about every country and every territory?!

This mighty achievement is something that few people have ever done – and even fewer women. But Audrey Walsworth has.

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Planning for a Road Trip: Expert Tips and Advice

Are you planning a road trip? In this article, we have collated all our expert road trip tips and our exact planning process. After road tripping across a couple dozen countries, from Albania to the US, from New Zealand to Spain, we have learned a thing or two about the do’s and don’ts and want to make sure we share those long distance driving tips with you.

This article covers all aspects of planning a road trip, from choosing the destination and duration to getting your car ready, budgeting, finding the right accommodation, managing a crisis and, of course, deciding where to stop.

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Best Language Learning Apps

Learning a new language has never been easier than it is today; while travelers in the past may have relied on months of immersion, or an endless stack of flash cards, nowadays there is a fantastic range of apps to choose from, all offering fluency, and a promise to have you speaking a foreign language in a day.

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