Best travel groups to join

Interest in travel groups is booming, especially among the new generations; They are a great option for people to make new friends, discover fascinating places, have their travel planning taken care of and go on a trip even if they don’t have anyone to travel with.

While we love solo travel, group tours offer many advantages such as:

  • Sharing costs and avoiding the single supplement
  • Have a host/guide that takes care of everything during the trip
  • The convenience of having everything planned out for you
  • Help keeping safe
  • The opportunity to visit destinations that may be hard, expensive or challenging solo
  • Make new friends who share a love for travel

There are thousands of groups for travel out there, and sometimes loads of options can be overwhelming and confusing. This is why we’ve narrowed it down to this list of the best. 

Besides regular travel groups, we’ve also included niche and specific options that specialize in a certain travel style, age range or community. This is the only travel group list you need.

Women-only travel groups

Travel groups for women who want to travel solo, but in a group. Small group trips are a safe, affordable and convenient way to visit challenging destinations or to test solo travel in a predefined way.

Traveling with a group of like-minded women means a group of new travel friends and the beginning of genuine connections and long lasting friendships. 

Here are our recommendations for the best women travel groups out there.

Solo Female Travelers 

Join us in bucket list destinations and unusual places for life changing connections with local women, great food & wine, fabulous company, culture, nature, wildlife and so much more! 

Our trips are designed by women, for women and are led by women. We offer a range of luxury, personally curated experiences that have all the ingredients of a well-deserved vacation and adventure expeditions to unheard of places.

What sets us apart from all other group travel companies is that our tours are focused on women; we provide employment opportunities to women in the destinations we visit, we engage them in conversations about women’s rights and learn more about a country through the eyes of their women. We believe that the best path to peace and understanding is through building bridges between cultures and do that on all our trips.

For that extra something, many of our female travel tours are accompanied by our photographer to capture unforgettable moments and candid instants that will stay with you.

Come solo and we’ll pair you with another traveler or book with a friend, and get ready to have an unforgettable experience. These are the places we take you to – click on the image to see the detailed itinerary.

Mixed gender travel groups 

If you’re longing for a group vacation but less concerned about connecting with local women, in this section we will suggest group travel companies that offer a wide range of options for all ages and genders. 

These travel groups accept female and male guests, with a mix of solo travelers, couples and families, so they’re great for meeting people. These tour companies guarantee an exciting and fun holiday abroad. Take a look!


Contiki is a tour company that focuses on social travel, that is, people traveling together to make memories. 

They offer group trips all around the world, great for people from 18-35 years old. Almost 60% of their travelers are solo, so it’s perfect for meeting people, making friends and creating meaningful connections abroad if you are in your younger years.

All the tours are culturally immersive led by expert guides, and center on exploring new places without hassle. They have everything from short trips, festivals, hiking, ski & snowboarding, to island hopping and safari tours. 

Most of their tours have a lot of in-built free time and some meals so make sure you look at the inclusions carefully to estimate extra expenditure.

Their most popular trips are: Egypt & the Nile, Ireland and East Africa Safari. 

  • Who’s Contiki for: 18-35 years old travelers who want all the planning sorted out
  • Destinations: More than 350 trips across 6 continents
  • Duration: short trips of a few days up to 4+ week trips 
  • Group size: they have trips with 15 people or less, trips with 16-30 people and trips with 30+ people 
  • Single supplement: They pair you up with a roomie. If you want a private room for yourself, they can arrange it for a small supplement


Exodus Travels offers unique tour experiences such as cycling in Croatia or hiking in Morocco, that guarantee you’ll have the best time and share memorable moments with like-minded people in whatever activity level you choose: leisurely, moderate or challenging. 

Compare the tours and find the one that matches your interests. Have a detox of the ordinary and make the most of your singles vacation going to a bucket list trip like Pyramids and Pharaohs in Egypt, Cabernet and Capers in South Africa or Street food and Sunshine in Sicily. 

  • Who’s Exodus for: adventurous people who like unique experiences 
  • Destinations: More than 100 countries across 6 continents
  • Duration: from 3-23 days
  • Group size: 8-16 people
  • Single supplement: Their tours have no single supplements as they will put you in a shared room with a fellow traveler of the same gender. Occasionally, you may end up with your own room


A UK adventure travel company, Explore creates unforgettable experiences for small groups and were recommended by members of our community. 

They have a wide variety of tours including the classic ‘Discovery’ tours, walking holidays, cycling trips or solo holidays. They also have unique special tours like Polar trips. Some of their bestsellers are: Costa Rica wildlife tour, Cycle Turkey trip and Maldive cruise. 

  • Who’s Explore for: travelers looking for adventure and fun
  • Destinations: More than 100 countries across 6 continents
  • Duration: from 4-19 days
  • Group size: average is 12 people
  • Single supplement: As a single traveler you won’t have to pay any extra charges for traveling alone. A twin room is included in their trip price and they will pair you with another individual of the same sex. You can opt to pay a single room supplement, available on most of their tours

Solos Holidays

With more than 40 years of experience, Solos Holidays is a tour company that hosts especially crafted holidays designed for single and solo travelers. 

They focus on creating sociable experiences where one can travel independently, but with the convenience of traveling in a group and having a tour leader. 

In order to appeal to a wider range of travelers, they have many holiday types with specific activities that match almost any interest. There are solo travel groups for the active which include activities such as hiking, cycling, water sports, yoga, golf, whale watching. They also have ClubSolos which is an exclusive tour in luxurious accommodation.

  • Who’s Solos Holidays for: independent travelers seeking the support of traveling in a group
  • Destinations: more than 45 countries in all of the 7 continents
  • Duration: from 7-14 days
  • Group size: average size is 15, but can be up to 20 or 30 people, depending on holiday type
  • Single supplement: there are no single supplements on all of their holidays

Adventure travel groups

Feeling bold and brave? Join one of these adventure travel groups. 

The companies in this section specialize in outdoor intrepid holidays and will make sure you have the time of your life while making new friends and staying safe.

You don’t have to be super fit or have the best physical condition to join one of these tours. There are tours with different activity levels, look for the one that suits you best.

Mt Sobek 

It all started in 1969 with their first Everest Base Camp trek. MT Sobek creates small group adventure travel vacations with unique itineraries. They have a wide range of trips with more than 150 in different categories such as trekking, hiking, safaris, rafting, kayaking, cruising and cultural voyages. 

They were recognized as a preferred travel outfitter by Smithsonian Journey and the New York Times Journeys. 

  • Who’s MT Sobek for: adventurous travelers who enjoy outdoor activities
  • Destinations: more than 60 countries
  • Duration: from 4-15 days 
  • Group size: fewer than 10 people per group
  • Single supplement: if you’re comfortable sharing your room with a same-gender roommate, you pay no single supplement through their Single-Share Program. If you want a private room, you do pay a low single supplement


Duvine is an international adventure company that specializes in cycling tours around the world. Their bike tours offer much more than cycling; they involve the local culture, culinary experiences (including wonderful local wines!), luxurious accommodation and passionate people to connect with. 

Duvine provides top-quality bikes and all the necessary gear to explore the world by bike. Their most popular bike trips are in Tuscany, Provence and Mallorca.  

  • Who’s Duvine for: travelers who like biking and cultural & culinary experiences
  • Destinations: 30 countries across Europe, Latin America, US and Africa 
  • Duration: from 4-8 days 
  • Group size: up to 14 people
  • Single supplement: their bike tours are priced based on double occupancy. If you ask the tour coordinator, they can pair you with another solo traveler in order to waive the single supplement


Recreational Equipment, Inc (REI) was founded in 1938 and has been one of the top outdoor companies in the world. Best known for selling outdoor gear and apparel, REI hosts exciting outdoor adventure tours throughout the US. Activities on the trips include hiking, backpacking, cycling, kayaking, mountain biking, and rafting.

In REI Adventure trips you can discover places like a local, explore at your own pace and eat delicious food. REI also makes uniquely crafted women’s adventures. Some of their best selling trips are: Yosemite Hiking and Camping, Grand Canyon Backpacking, and Alaska Cycling.

  • Who’s REI for: travelers who love outdoor adventures
  • Destinations: 6 national parks and 8 states across the US
  • Duration: short trips are 4 days or less, the rest are from 5 to 13 days 
  • Group size: 4-16 people
  • Single supplement: prices are based on double occupancy. If you request single accommodation, you will be asked to pay the single supplement fee

Mature & senior travel groups

Mature adults and seniors are an important and growing segment in the travel industry and according to a US study, by 2025, seniors will be traveling more than ever before and should account for 13 percent of all international travel. 

If that’s you, you are in luck because more and more travel companies are ready to cater to your needs. Here are some good senior travel groups options.

Expat Explore

Founded in 2005 by two South African travelers, Expat Explore specializes in coach tours mainly in Europe and the UK, but also offers travel experiences in USA and Canada, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America. Expat Explore was recommended by many members of our community. 

They’re known for covering the highlights as well as the hidden gems of a destination, in a very convenient and affordable way. Their coach tours are most aimed at adults and seniors and there’s a wide variety of options: from those trips that cover many countries in a few days, to those which explore the region more in-depth. The tour prices include accommodation, transport, and many meals. 

Their most popular trips are Greece, Turkey & Croatia, Egypt and Eastern Europe. 

  • Who’s Expat Explore for: adults looking to travel affordably and comfortably in a group
  • Destinations: more than 50 tour packages across Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Africa, Asia, Middle East and South America
  • Duration: from 5-26 days
  • Group size: 40-50 people
  • Single supplement: they pair-up solo travelers of the same gender in twin-share rooms, and if you prefer to have your own room, they have that option available at an affordable  extra cost

Rick Steves 

American Rick Steves is an expert in European travel and has a best-seller guidebook series, a TV show, a radio show and a travel column. 

His company gives tours throughout Europe and focuses on fun, affordable and culturally broadening trips. Some tours have a large group size, while others limit to small groups. His travel groups were recommended by members of our Facebook group.  

Some of their top sellers tours are Heart of Italy, Best of the Adriatic and Best of Scotland. 

  • Who’s Rick Steves for: people looking to immerse culturally in a European country
  • Destinations: more than 20 countries in Europe
  • Duration: from 7-21 days
  • Group size: 24-28 people
  • Single supplement: they offer solo travelers the option  to  either  share a room with another  solo  tour member of the same sex  or  pay a single supplement to secure a private room

Overseas Adventure Travel

Established in 1978, Overseas Adventure Travel (O.A.T) is the first US travel company to offer adventure trips to travelers aged 50 and over. Their tours specialize in providing travelers an active experience in exotic places, without losing the comfort and service components. They offer adventures by land and by small ships. 

O.A.T travel groups are ideal for adult & senior solo travelers, according to their stats: 46% of all O.A.T. travelers join the company as solos— which has increased significantly from 44% in 2015 and 27% in 2010. Also, 85% of O.A.T.’s solo travelers are women who travel solo regardless of their marital status.

Their most popular tour destinations are Morocco, Iceland and Botswana on safari. 

  • Who’s O.A.T. for: adults & seniors who want to travel off the beaten path in a small group
  • Destinations: more than 70 countries across the globe
  • Duration: from 5-30 days
  • Group size: 8-16 people in tours by land and 20-25 people aboard ship tours
  • Single supplement: 92% of their single spaces are free on all 2022 adventures. The remaining 8% have low single supplements. They also offer free single supplements on every trip extension and stopover

Insight Vacations

Travel in style with Insight Vacations, a tour company that creates premium small group trips in outstanding destinations. Their trips are fancier than most tour companies and offer stylish accommodation, fine dining, and unique experiences. 

Insight Vacations have out of the box experiences in many of their tours like Twirling on the dance floor in Vienna, savoring Egyptian sun bread in a local village and learning about Oyster farms in Croatia.

Their top destinations are Croatia, Switzerland and Italy.  

  • Who’s Insight Vacations for: travelers looking for unique experiences in a premium tour
  • Destinations: Europe, Britain & Ireland, Americas, Asia, North Africa
  • Duration: from 5-26 days
  • Group size: 12-40 people
  • Single supplement: many of their tours have a solo traveler supplement discount, from 15% to 100% off. Find the deals here

Educational travel groups

Who says going on a trip means laziness and not being productive? This is a huge myth about traveling, and these tour companies prove it. 

Make your next trip a worthwhile vacation by learning deeply about the culture and history of a destination, or learning a new skill like cooking or painting. Take a look at these companies that create memorable educational holidays.

Road scholar 

Road Scholar states that they are “a diverse community of knowledge seekers and explorers, united in the belief that lifelong learning is a vital part of overall wellbeing”. 

They specialize in learning trips for people of 40+ years old and, according to their PR Director, Kelsey Knoedler, almost 30% of their travelers in 2021 came solo and 80% of them were women. 

They have a massive variety of destinations, travel styles and trip lengths. Immerse yourself in the Latin American ambience going on their South American Odyssey (Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru), discover Morocco in their Melting Pot of Cultures, or dive into the Cultural Highlights of Japan. 

This is a very unique way to have a single holiday, focused on learning about the destinations, connecting with new people, and making the best of your vacation. 

  • Who’s Road Scholar for: intellectually curious travelers
  • Destinations: more than 100 countries across the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and Antarctica
  • Duration: short trips from 2-6 days and longer tours from 6-29 days
  • Group size: 10-24 people
  • Single supplement: they offer a roommate option to avoid paying a full single supplement

Flavours Holidays

Created in 1998, Flavours Holidays gives unique learning tours for solo travelers: quality cooking, painting, pilates, language and photography holidays. 

All the trip destinations are picturesque sites in Italy, Spain and the UK, where guests can learn from passionate chefs and experienced tutors. All their tours are custom-made for solo travelers, with over 70% of their guests coming without a travel partner. 

Our top pick is the cooking holiday in Italy, they have options in many Italian sites: Tuscany, Puglia, Amalfi, Venice, Bologna and Sicily. 

Other great options for your singles holiday can be a painting tour in Andalusia, Spain or in the Scottish Highlands. These holidays are perfect for singles over 40 who want to learn something new while discovering places and cultures.  

  • Who’s Flavours Holidays for: people who want to learn a new skill while traveling
  • Destinations: Italy, Spain, UK
  • Duration: 4-8 days 
  • Group size: 8-10 people
  • Single supplement: they don’t charge single supplements, so you can have a comfy room for yourself


EF (Educational First) is a well known company that focuses on student travel. Their trips promise to widen student’s perspectives through experiential learning. Expert educators and teachers lead each tour, and EF works hard to ensure safe travel for all students. 

EF has a wide variety of tour types and destinations, which give students the opportunity to immerse themselves culturally and have life-changing experiences. Discover the Galapagos Islands or taste traditional Italian cuisine, or choose another adventure from their exciting itineraries.

  • Who’s EF for: students or solo travelers looking for a cultural travel experience
  • Destinations: 40+ countries across Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia
  • Duration: 7-32 days 
  • Group size: 14-38 people
  • Single supplement: If you wish to have a single room, a single room supplement will be charged

Boutique/niche travel groups

Whether you want to see a destination through a professional photographer’s eyes or have an active fitness holiday, these niche travel groups craft exciting tours. Check them out! 


Founded in 2012 in the US, Under30Experiences makes travel accessible for young people with a focus on Millennial travel on a budget.

U30X’s adventures are small groups aimed at people from 21-35 years. These travel groups are very focused on solo travelers (more than 70% come solo), so they make it easy for you to make new friends from the start. They also provide optional experiences if you wish to try new things, or you can always opt out and explore at your own pace.

Whether you want to explore Petra in Jordan, kayak in Greece, or hike in New Zealand, Under 30 Experiences has a wide variety of trips to choose from.

  • Who’s U30X for: young vibrant travelers from 21-35
  • Destinations: 20+ trips across 6 continents
  • Duration: 4-11 days 
  • Group size: up to 16 travelers
  • Single supplement: they don’t charge single supplements, as they pair you up with a roommate

Fit & Fly retreats

Founded by attorney and travel writer Rebecca, Fit & Fly offers fitness, wellness and cultural retreats in beautiful locations. They empower women to take special care of themselves and make meaningful connections with other women. 

If you want to workout and get a vacation at the same time, this is the travel company for you. The retreats include stylish accommodation, fitness classes, delicious eats, wellness activities, spa experiences, cultural excursions and more. You don’t have to be super fit or be great at workouts to join, Fit & Fly has a supportive environment and instructors that tailor workouts to be challenging but doable, depending on the person’s capabilities.

Their top retreat destinations are Bali, Dubai and Maldives, with a few more exotic places to choose from. 

  • Who’s Fit & Fly for: women who want to take care of themselves in a wellness retreat
  • Destinations: Palm Springs, French Riviera, Ibiza, Iceland, Tuscany, Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Maldives, Bali
  • Duration: 5-7 days 
  • Group size: 12-20 women
  • Single supplement: a single supplement is charged if you want a private single room

Black travel groups

These travel groups offer fabulous experiences specially designed for the Black community. Make new friends, have a blast and explore destinations surrounded by an amazing group of people.

Wind Collective

Wind Collective is a global travel company that combines adventure and creativity. They host monthly group travel experiences for those travelers who are curious and brave enough to explore the world creatively. 

All of their tours are immersive experiences in fascinating destinations, curated by the creative team in partnership with local businesses and with a healthy dose of music and creative endeavors including dynamic photoshoots and Give back sessions. 

  • Who’s Wind Collective for: curious travelers who love to try new things from local culture
  • Destinations: Cuba, Colombia, Morocco, Los Angeles, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Bulgaria, Brazil, South Africa, Jordan, Dubai, South Korea, Bali
  • Duration: 4-9 days 
  • Group size: 8-12 people 
  • Single supplement: no single supplement for solo travelers as they will be paired with another solo traveler in double accommodation. There’s an additional charge only if they request a private single room

LGBT+ travel groups

Have a trip of a lifetime in a tour specially curated for and by LGBT+ community members. These companies host incredible trips and make sure you feel safe and welcome as a LGBT+ traveler.

Out Adventures

Founded in 2009, Out Adventures creates small group experiences for the gay community around the world. They have an expert team that takes care of everything including how to navigate local customs and attitudes towards the LGBT community. 

Their carefully made itineraries include local restaurants, authentic experiences, boutique hotels and friendly partners, who make members of the LBGT community feel truly welcomed. 

Out Adventure’s small group tours offer a balance between time to explore the destination’s highlights and time for guests to enjoy on their own.

  • Who’s Out Adventures for: Gay community travelers looking for unique experiences
  • Destinations: 40+ countries across 6 continents 
  • Duration: 4-12 days 
  • Group size: up to 16 people, cruises up to 40 people
  • Single supplement: they pair you with another solo traveler in double-bed rooms. If you want your own room, you have to pay a single supplement

Outstanding Travel

Outstanding Travel is an Israel-based group travel company that hosts Mediterranean LGBTQ+ adventures especially for gay travelers. Their tours immerse in rich history and culture, culinary experiences, and the LGBTQ+ scene. 

All their travel groups have a tailor made approach and promise an unforgettable cultural experience involving beaches, fabulous people and vibrant nightlife.

Their top tour destinations are Jordan and Israel. They also offer Pride Events special tour packages. They also offer a feature that lets you design your custom trip, choosing the dates, destinations, how many people are joining, activities you wish to do, accommodation type, and more. 

  • Who’s Outstanding Travel for: LBGTQ+ travelers seeking a cultural vacation with lots of fun
  • Destinations: Jordan, Israel, Greece, Egypt
  • Duration: 7-10 days 
  • Group size: 10 – 40 people
  • Single supplement: there’s a single supplement if you want a private single room

Groups to find travel buddies

We love traveling solo, but sometimes it’s nice to share some parts of the journey with other travelers or even with locals. There’s something special about making connections far away from home, and the possibility to transform them into long lasting friendships that makes finding a travel buddy all the more appealing. Here are travel groups designed just for that.

SFT Connections

Since there are always so many people interested in connecting with other travelers, we created a subgroup of our main group called Solo Female Travelers Connection, set up just for women who want to find travel buddies, a host, other travelers or locals to meet up or hang out with, even someone to pet sit their house or to swap homes with. 

Join the group, post your travel details, house/pet sitting offer or request and connect with others who match up. This is a great way to meet new people and make friends abroad.


Meetup is a great site for meeting people. This isn’t only for global travel, but is also a great way to meet people locally who share your interests.

You join a meetup in the area you’re situated, which is basically an event or activity, and meet people for anything, from sunrise yoga to kayaking. 

Travel-related Meetup groups are a great way to find a travel buddy as you can connect with people who have shared interests and friendships may form. And remember meetups are for anyone, both locals and international travelers, so you never know who you’re going to meet.


Couchsurfing is a free version of Airbnb, or shall we say Airbnb is a paid version of Couchsurfing since they were first!

You get to immerse yourself in the culture as you stay with a local for a short period of time for free sleeping on their couch, bed or a mattress. 

Like Workaway, Couchsurfing offers a meetup feature where you can either meet with another traveler one-on-one or you can create a group meetup for similarly-minded people who like to do the same activities as you, from hiking to wine tasting. 

Join my trip

Join My Trip is sort of like a local guided experience where you can tag along with other travelers on a local journey around a specific part of the world.

The trips vary in price as some are with professional guides while others are just for tagging along with other solo travelers who want to share transportation fare (what they call a “seat filler”). The trip leader can charge a small fee to organize the entire trip.

They also have a “Global Greeter Network” where you pay the annual membership and then can request someone to pick you up at a designated spot. You can then go on for a guided tour, a walk around the city, or just be dropped off somewhere.

In this way, you get to find out more about the area from a local without worrying about having to find a taxi. Other categories include “Travel buddies”, “Group Travel”, and “Female Travel”. 

Host a Sister

Created by Host A Sister, a company that promotes cultural exchange through women sharing their homes and friendships with other female travelers for free. This is a great community where you can find travel buddies or meet up with a new friend. 

You can even seek for a host to stay with or offer your own home as free accommodation for other women. The group is properly moderated and all of the posts follow a certain format to make every request clear and straight to the point.    

Facebook travel groups

Looking to connect with like minded travelers? Facebook is a great place to find them, as well as handy tips and resources for your next trip. Here are a few of the best travel Facebook groups out there, find the rest here.

Solo Female Travelers

This is our group and consists of well over 272,000+ member community of brave, fearless and independent women with a shared passion for traveling solo.

Our Facebook Group is the heart of our community, where women are empowered to explore the world solo, safely and on their own terms. In this group you will find meaningful conversations, travel tips and resources to make solo travel as a woman rewarding, enriching and safe. 

If you love to travel solo, dream of doing it in the future or just want to get travel inspiration from diverse women from all around the globe, this group is for you.

We strictly enforce our values of inclusion, open-mindedness, courage, positive impact, and union and keep the group free from spam and trolls. We love to travel solo, but we also meet up for women-only tours to travel together

Travel Community

This group was created by Scott’s Cheap Flights, a company that delivers amazing flight deals to your inbox.

Travel Community is very well run by a group of expert moderators that contribute to keep the posts that are going to add value or answer questions from the community. The group members are very interactive and engaged, almost every post has dozens of comments. 

Also, the posts are relevant and range from many topics like travel tips, how to find great deals and discounts, personal experiences, itinerary suggestions, among many other travel related topics. The group is often updated on news from Scott Cheap Flights and how to take advantage of their website.

Digital nomads around the world

Digital Nomads Around the World is a resourceful group by Digital Nomads Nation, which is the world’s first e-nation, connecting global digital nomads with the shared passion of working remotely as a lifestyle and traveling the world. 

You can go to their website and navigate the company’s resource platform, where you’ll be able to do research on career opportunities and access their talent database and find remote job opportunities from worldwide companies. 

The Digital Nomads network offers a lot of perks and benefits like attending on and offline talks and events or doing networking with fellow professionals. They have taken the idea of a virtual digital nomad community further with a range of services and resources that are specifically targeted at those without a fixed lifestyle.

Join this Facebook group where fellow travelers share their insights around digital nomad life, whether you are an experienced digital nomad or are looking to get started, the group will give you knowledge based on the experience and advice of members.

Travel Divas

Travel Divas is an online community where black female travelers share their stories and experiences traveling as a woman of color. Admins and moderators do a great job avoiding any solicitation of promotion posts, so the feed may stay organized and resourceful for all.

Join this awesome group if you want to get inspiration and insight from the perspective of someone like you, which will help you to make the best of your next trip.

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