How to meet people when traveling

Our research shows that meeting people is one of the main reasons why people travel solo; not having a travel companion forces you to connect with locals and to other travelers and makes you look more available to those who may not have approached you if you were with a loved one or a friend.  …

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Women-only tours and travel groups

We’re all for women-only travel groups and tours. We not only have our Solo Female Travelers community on Facebook which counts more than 150,000 members, but also run women only tours to challenging, expensive or fascinating destinations that are more fun with others. We’re convinced traveling solo in a group has many benefits and you …

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How to find travel buddies and friends for travel

We’re all for solo travel, and we encourage everyone to try it at least once, especially women (warning: it’s addictive!). But we also recognize that there is immense learning and perspective to be earned from finding a travel buddy with similar interests, or in making new friends for travel. Such connections are made in our …

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How to enjoy eating alone

To some people, eating alone is the easiest thing in the world, and even their preferred meal setting, but to others, it conjures up feelings of anxiety, dread and judgement. If you’re in the latter category, then you’ll need these tips on how to enjoy eating alone. Many of us are used to sharing meals …

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Best countries for women to go on their first solo trip

One of the most common questions that gets asked in our Solo Female Travelers community is “Where do you recommend to go for my first solo trip?“. This is a very valid question but one that is not easy to answer. There isn’t one size fits all because your ideal destination depends on where you …

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Barcelona & Costa Brava travel tips

Traveling to Barcelona as a solo female traveler? Are you looking to also explore the Costa Brava region?  In this article written by a native Catalan, I will tell you everything you need to know when visiting Barcelona and Costa Brava solo, from travel tips to local customs, from tipping to music, so that you …

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How to take good pictures of yourself alone

Try as you might, your selfies are just not turning out the way you want them to. After trawling Instagram for hours, you just can’t figure out the magical key for how to take pictures of yourself alone. We’re here to share the secret: it’s not magic but rather a few logical steps to get …

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Solo Female Travel Safety Tips

Our solo female travel trends survey revealed that 73% of solo female travelers worry about their safety. Even those who are very experienced solo travelers and have taken more than 10 trips on their own, still worry almost as much. Traveling solo poses a lot of uncertainties and challenges and, for women, those unknowns are …

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Jobs and Careers That Actually REQUIRE You to Travel

There are many incredible travel jobs which are directly related to the travel industry, and many incredible online jobs which allow you to work remotely as you travel. However there are also many other jobs that require travel, and which provide for great opportunities to travel while doing something else.

Many of these pseudo travel jobs may even be better than working in the travel industry directly because you get to enjoy travel as a guest, and they often have generous travel perks.

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