World's most traveled woman

Meet Audrey, The World’s Most Well Traveled Woman

Ever wondered what it takes to be the world’s most traveled woman? Or what it’s like to visit every country in the world? What about every country and every territory?!

This mighty achievement is something that few people have ever done – and even fewer women. But Audrey Walsworth has.

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Road trip planning RF

Planning for a Road Trip: Expert Tips and Advice

Are you planning a road trip? In this article, we have collated all our expert road trip tips and our exact planning process. After road tripping across a couple dozen countries, from Albania to the US, from New Zealand to Spain, we have learned a thing or two about the do’s and don’ts and want to make sure we share those long distance driving tips with you.

This article covers all aspects of planning a road trip, from choosing the destination and duration to getting your car ready, budgeting, finding the right accommodation, managing a crisis and, of course, deciding where to stop.

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Best Language Learning Apps

Learning a new language has never been easier than it is today; while travelers in the past may have relied on months of immersion, or an endless stack of flash cards, nowadays there is a fantastic range of apps to choose from, all offering fluency, and a promise to have you speaking a foreign language in a day.

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100 + Wisest Solo Travel Quotes

We all love a good solo travel quote. They ignite a curiosity inside us, inspire us to get up off the couch, and sometimes, give us that push of courage to go!

There are plenty of solo travel quotes floating around the web, from the classics you see on every Instagram feed (“Not all those who wander are lost”), to the motivational, philosophical, and super poetic. But what about the wisest?

Here you’ll find 100 + of our favorite, wisest solo travel quotes!

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Solo Female Traveler RF

Best Travel Insurance For Solo Female Travelers

You should never, ever, leave the house without travel insurance. If anything happened to you, you could easily end up bankrupt or not get the help you need. It’s simply not worth it, and this is one of the most important parts of travel planning.

To help you find good value travel insurance, we’ve compared the top 6 companies, as recommended by our community. These are the most popular and reputable travel insurance websites that travelers around the world use.

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Iceland glacier

How to Be a Socially Conscious Traveler in Iceland

As solo female travelers, we strive to minimize our negative impact on the environment as we travel, and build social value where-ever we go. We are keenly aware of our impact as travelers, and believe that sustainable tourism should be mutually beneficial to both the traveler and the destination. 

With the idea of being conscious of our impact on both nature and culture, here are 10 easy steps for being a socially conscious traveler in Iceland.

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How to keep your passport safe

How to Keep Your Passport Safe While Traveling

Having a passport is a wonderful thing. With it, you have access to thousands of incredible destinations around the globe. Without it, you’re stuck at home. And as solo female travelers we hate being stuck at home!

So it’s important to keep it safe at all times. It’s a small document, but ever so crucial, and whether it’s before, during, or after your travels, you should treat it as if it’s gold. The following are tips for keeping your passport safe, as well as other important passport info.

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