The top 10 cities in Europe for foodies, according to new research  

7 December 2023 – For Immediate Release

  • Data from TripAdvisor was analysed to determine the ranking of the best European cities to visit if a love of food is your top priority  
  • Paris, France is named the best city in Europe for foodies  
  • Italy’s Florence and Rome follow in second and third place, respectively  

New research has discovered the top 10 cities in Europe for foodies, with Paris taking the top spot.  

Women-only tour company Solo Female Travelers Tours analysed data from TripAdvisor, including the number of restaurants offering local cuisine, Michelin-star establishments, and vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in each European city. Index scores out of 10 were awarded for each factor based on the number of establishments, and this determined the ranking.  

Ranking  City  Index Score  
1 Paris, France  74.69 
2 Florence, Italy  70.39 
3 Rome, Italy  67.12 
4 Dublin, Ireland  61.57 
5 Bologna, Italy  61.36 
6 Amsterdam, Netherlands  60.09 
7 Milan, Italy  59.08 
8 Barcelona, Spain 59.00 
9 Naples, Italy  56.89 
10 Madrid, Spain 56.26 
France’s capital city, Paris, is crowned the best city in Europe for foodies, boasting an index score of 74.69. Paris received the highest possible score of 10 for the number of restaurants overall, as well as a score of 10 for the number of Michelin-star restaurants, making it the perfect place to visit if you enjoy fine dining.  
Florence, Italy, takes home the silver medal, boasting an index score of 70.39. The capital city of Central Italy’s Tuscany is known for stunning architecture and an abundance of museums, such as Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery. Florence received the highest possible score of 10 for multiple factors, including the number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants and establishments offering local cuisine; tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms and truffle sauce, a must-try delicacy of the city, is suitable for vegetarians.  
Italy’s capital, Rome, ranks third on the list with an index score of 67.12. Rome has a range of attractions to see, including the Colosseum and The Pantheon, and it received an almost perfect score of 9.99 for the number of restaurants in the city – so there’ll be a variety of restaurants to try after a day of exploring. 
Dublin, Ireland’s capital, steals the fourth spot in the ranking with an index score of 61.57. The Georgian architecture is one of the city’s most breathtaking traits, as well as Dublin being renowned for its lively atmosphere. Dublin scored 9.99 for its number of vegan-friendly restaurants.   
In fifth place is Bologna, Italy, with an index score of 61.36. Famous for its historical and artistic culture, the city has also earned a spot in the ranking with the highest possible score of 10 for the number of bars and pub as well as for the number of establishments offering online delivery, so you can opt for this after an evening of drinking.  
Amsterdam, Netherlands, claims the sixth spot in the list with an index score of 60.09 and stands out for a score of 8.74 for the number of vegan-friendly establishments.  
Taking the seventh spot in the ranking is Milan, Italy, with an index score of 59.08; the nation’s fashion capital offers plenty of activities, including canal-side drinks in the Navigli District and visiting Piazza del Duomo. You can count on ordering food to take away from many restaurants after a busy day of sight-seeing, with Milan receiving a score of 7.81 for establishments offering online delivery. 
Barcelona places eighth on the list just below Milan, with an index score of 59.00. The Spanish city, which is home to La Sagrada Familia and other spectacular works of Gaudi, earned a high score of 7.63 for the number of restaurants offering healthy food. 
Following closely behind in ninth place is Naples, Italy, which received an index score of 56.89. Not only is the city famous for being the birthplace of pizza, but Naples also received a high score of 7.42 for the number of restaurants offering coffee, a drink that is almost religion.  
In tenth place is Madrid, Spain, with an index score of 56.26. The nation’s capital received a high score of 10 for the number of restaurants overall, like Paris – so whatever food you’re in the mood for, there’s bound to be a spot that satisfies you during your trip. 
A spokesperson from Solo Female Travelers Tours has commented on the findings: “Our data suggests that 63% of women consider how appealing the local gastronomy is when choosing a destination. Foodies will be particularly interested in these 10 cities which stand out for their culinary scene”.  
“Most of these cities are also in the most visited countries in the world such as France, Italy or Spain, and are popular destinations in our portfolio of tours for women, where we curate rich and immersive food and wine experiences at homes, wineries and farms”  
This information was provided by Solo Female Travelers Tours, a women-only tour company who strive to shape the travel industry to be more equitable for women. By employing only female guides, staying at female owned hotels and featuring activities led by local women, they aim to give more opportunities to local women at the destinations they visit, from Tanzania to Iceland, Oaxaca to Morocco, Tuscany to Croatia. 
The number of restaurants for the following categories were analysed in each city using data from TripAdvisor:  
Bars and pubs  
Fast food  
Free WIFI  
Healthy food  
Local cuisine  
Michelin guide  
Table service  
Wheelchair access  
Restaurants on whole  

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