Women Tour Company Launches Trip Focused on Self Defense 

Solo Female Travelers expands portfolio of learning-based tours with an Iceland itinerary that includes self-defense workshops delivered by local NGO. 

Safety is top of mind for women who travel on their own even for those who have traveled solo more than 10 times, 52% of which still worry about their personal safety.

Understanding that concerns over safety affect all women but can be mitigated with self-defense training, the founders of Solo Female Travelers, a tour company that empowers women through travel, have curated a series of expert-led feminine self-defense workshops weaved into the company’s signature Iceland Wellness & Wilderness tour.

The program provides a holistic approach that goes beyond martial arts and physical self-defense techniques by providing participants with the tools to recognise a threat or aggression before it occurs and keep themselves safe, physically and mentally, against gender based violence.

Workshops will be delivered by Icelandic NGO Slagtog, who work with minority and marginalised women and the LGBTQI+ community, and will be delivered among the powerful and energy-positive volcanic landscapes of Iceland. 

“We are passionate about female empowerment through travel, and we want to help women overcome their fear of traveling solo by offering an incredible trip that includes a course on self-defense”  said Co-Founder Mar Pages. 

“The course does not involve martial arts and it does not rely on self-defense objects or weapons.” she said. “Using the principles that align with our philosophy, we want to show women how to use the tools that they already have in their body, to keep themselves safe at home and when traveling abroad, solo.”

All activities have been carefully crafted to align with the powerful energy Iceland is known for. Highlights include waterfalls and landscapes, black beaches, lava fields still steaming from the most recent volcanic explosion, ice caves, and Northern Lights viewing. 

Co-Founder Meg Jerrard adds, “Women who have participated in this workshop describe an increased feeling of safety and self confidence thanks to the course’s focus on giving women agency and options to feel empowered to act in a way they feel appropriate to stay safe in front of aggression.”

The launch of this self defense tour fills a gap in the educational travel space and comes on the back of Solo Female Travelers popular Sensual Barcelona which includes workshops on erotic development sex education delivered in between cultural immersion, sightseeing and gastronomic exploration. 

The daily itinerary, workshop agenda, and information on joining the tour can be found here: https://tours.solofemaletravelers.club/iceland-self-defense-women-tour/ 

Statistics on safety are sourced from the Solo Female Travel Trends Survey here: https://www.solofemaletravelers.club/solo-female-travel-stats/ 

Profile of the founders and high res images can be found here.

About Solo Female Travelers

Solo Female Travelers is a pioneering platform committed to female empowerment through travel on an international scale via its global community of 220,000 women who love to travel solo, its expert travel resources and its women-led and focused tours. 

Founded in 2015, and led by experienced travelers and online publishers Mar Pages and Megan Jerrard, it was the world’s first community of its kind, and today remains one of the largest and most dynamic Facebook Groups for solo female travelers. 

The website, www.solofemaletravelers.club, is a hub for solo female travel resources and for the Solo Female Travel Safety Index, a ranking of countries based on how safe they are for women traveling on their own, built from independent reviews by women. The Solo Female Travel Trends Survey is an annual survey which collects data to amplify opinions, challenges and needs, giving a voice to women traveling alone. 

Solo Female Travelers Tours is a curated portfolio of trips designed to support local women in the tourism industry and foster meaningful cultural exchanges. 

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