2023 will be the year of solo female travel, research seeks to confirm

Solo Female Travelers launches its third annual survey on travel trends and expects to confirm that COVID related barriers to travel are behind us and interest in traveling solo is higher than ever.

The 2022 edition of the Solo Female Travel Trends Survey replicates previous years’ format and aims to collect 5,000 responses from participants from all over the world.

Results from the 2020 survey revealed 64% of women worry about their safety traveling solo and this was their number one concern. In 2021, changing travel restrictions due to COVID took the first spot.

These challenges do not stop the hundreds of thousands of women who take solo trips every year in search of freedom and flexibility, personal growth and a boost to their confidence.

“Interest in female solo travel is back at 2019 levels and the uncertainty brought in by the pandemic is behind us; we expect the concerns and motivations of women traveling solo to revert to safety and self-actualisation respectively”, says Meg Jerrard, Co-Founder of Solo Female Travelers.

The survey is the largest global research piece on solo female travel and is read by thousands of industry professionals, researchers, tourism company executives and destination management teams every year. The findings are published on International Women’s Day every year and help shape policy and travel products for women globally.

“We realised most travel and tourism companies do not understand what women traveling on their own really want and as a result make incorrect assumptions based on old stereotypes; we want to provide unbiased data to help them better serve us”, adds Solo Female Travelers Co-Founder Mar Pages.

The survey will remain open until the 21st of December 2022 and participants stand a chance to win $1,000 USD in cash split into four prizes of $250 USD. A winner will be picked at random every week.

Link to the survey: https://www.solofemaletravelers.club/solo-female-travel-trends-survey-2022/

About Solo Female Travelers

Solo Female Travelers is a pioneering platform committed to female empowerment through travel on an international scale via its global community of 210,000 women who love to travel solo, its expert travel resources and its women-led and focused tours that provide employment opportunities to women. 

Founded in 2015, and led by experienced travelers and online publishers Mar Pages and Megan Jerrard, it was the world’s first community of its kind, and today remains one of the largest and most dynamic Facebook Groups for solo female travelers. 

The website, www.solofemaletravelers.club, is a hub for solo female travel resources and for the Solo Female Travel Safety Index, a ranking of countries based on how safe they are for women traveling on their own, built from independent reviews by women. The Solo Female Travel Trends Survey is an annual survey which collects data to amplify opinions, challenges and needs, giving a voice to women traveling alone. 

Solo Female Travelers Tours is a curated portfolio of trips designed to support local women in the tourism industry, amplify their efforts and foster meaningful cultural exchanges. 

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