25 hand-picked women-only tours in 2023

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We’re all for women-only travel groups and tours, especially those who support women. This is why we are the leading travel company for women travel.

As a for profit company with a social impact mission to empower women through travel, our trips are not just for women, they are also led and focused on women at the destinations we visit. We want to have a positive impact in the travel industry by amplifying the efforts of amazing women.

We employ women, support women-owned businesses and are all for bringing women from all backgrounds together. Magic always happens.

Our guests often come from our Solo Female Travelers community on Facebook which counts more than 272,000 members. Sometimes they like to travel solo independently and other times they prefer to come on a women only tour to meet others or access harder to reach or more expensive destinations.

We’re convinced traveling solo in a group has many benefits and you should try it at least once in your life. This is where solo female travel packages come in. You leave the planning to the pros in women group travel and enjoy the trip!

In this article, you will find an extensive list of women travel groups and companies offering women only tours or specific departures for women traveling together. This list is always changing and updating so come back again before you book your next trip.

Solo Female Travelers Tours (Our tours!)

Bucket list experiences and unusual places for life changing connections with local women and fellow travelers, great food & wine, fabulous company, culture, nature, wildlife and so much more! Our trips are designed by women, for women and are led by women.

We offer a range of luxury, personally curated experiences that have all the ingredients of a well-deserved vacation and adventure expeditions to unheard of places.

What makes us unique:

  • We support local female owned businesses that make a difference and we amplify their efforts at equality. We believe in the power of putting our money where our mouths are and we aim for 100% female powered tours. Other women-only tour companies hire male guides or support businesses fully staffed by men.
  • All our tours are female led, without a local female guide, there is no tour. We are not in it for the money, we want to shape the travel industry and provide more employment opportunities to women. We don’t fly in guides from overseas, we 100% trust our local guides.
  • Many of our female travel tours are accompanied by a professional photographer to capture unforgettable moments and candid instants that will stay with you. We want you to be in the moment and not experience a trip through your camera.
  • No single supplements: Come solo and we’ll pair you with another traveler.

Our destinations

Who is SFT Tours for:Woman who want to support women and who appreciate the best things in life; A good glass of wine, a freshly prepared meal, a dinner with a view, a sunset over the horizon, a beautiful beach, a meaningful cultural exchange, an ancient site, an old tradition, a special moment. See testimonials from our trips.
Destinations:Tanzania, Kilimanjaro, Iceland, Barcelona, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Venice, Greece, Morocco, Croatia & Montenegro, Seychelles, Sudan, Cuba, Egypt.
Duration:From 6 to 13 days.
Price range:Mid to high end journeys of a lifetime, except for dedicated adventure expeditions to undiscovered places.
Single supplement:We pair solo travelers but if you prefer your own accommodation single supplements are available.

+Hand picked curated experiences where every moment is special and unique. No buses and ticking off boxes, only meaningful connections and moments that will stay with you. Destinations nobody else goes to. Designed by women, for women and led by women. Photographer onboard several trips. Support women at the destinations.

-Limited available as we do not aim to become a massive tour company and keep our groups to a maximum of 10-14 guests only.

Have a look at the highlight videos of some of our trips:

Surf Getaways

As the name of this women travel company indicates, Surf Getaways is an Australian-based company offering surf holidays in various locations around the world.

Founded by a surf instructor with years of experience teaching at a fixed surf school and a surf lover, the company now offers getaways where both newbies and experienced surfers can enjoy a sports-holiday with lots of vitamin C.

Tours are for all levels and some of them allow non-surfing companions to join too.

Who is Surf Getaways for:Surfers and surfer-to-be candidates who just want to try it out.
Destinations:Maldives, Australia, Vanuatu, Bali and Mexico.
Duration:From a 3-night weekend to a 10 day trip depending on destination.
Price range:Starting at $2,500 and all the way to $,7000 for the Maldives.
Single supplement:You can book a twin room and share with another solo traveler.

+Small group, premium and unique experiences all about surfing with very experienced teachers.

-Trip geared towards surfing and less appealing for non-surfers. Destinations are still very Asia-Pacific focused.

El Camino

Well-established Condé Nast is the publisher of several popular magazines among which Vogue, GQ and Condé Nast Traveler. They also launched a high-end line of women-only tours called Women Who Travel for women traveling together to appreciate the finer things in life.

These tours have a food and cultural focus and are organized by El Camino, curated by the Condé Nast Editors who also run a podcast on female travel and a large Facebook group.

Almost all tours include lots of evening music and dancing, cooking classes and real exposure to the local culture. There is also a trip photographer to take all those candid shots.

El Camino tours are quite different from the majority of other tour companies. They are bold and immersive in the real sense of the word. They feature artists in all areas, from food to crafts to music, and none of the usual touring. No checklist, no museums, no monuments.

Who is El camino for:Women who love the finest things in life and are interested in living a destination rather than in taking IG shots because those will be provided. Think a chic, laid-back vibe and relaxed warm evenings with drinks, salsa music and local food.
Destinations:Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Guatemala, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Trinidad & Tobago, Morocco, Costa Brava (Spain), Rioja & San Sebastian (Spain), Greece, Georgia, Croatia.
Duration:From 5 to 9 depending on destination.
Price range:Starting at $1,800 for the 6-day trip to Oaxaca, Mexico.
Single supplement:El Camino pairs travelers who are traveling solo but you can inquire about single supplements if you do not wish to share.

+Small group, premium and unique experiences that are just not easy to find on your own. Installment plan. Lots of food and drinks, music and art. In-house photographer taking shots for you.

-Prices are on the high-end of the scale, in fact these are the most expensive of the trips on this list averaging about $300-$600 per day.

Woander Tours

Woander Tours is a great option for when you want to explore on a guided tour, on your own. They offer self-guided audio tours in cities like Edinburgh and Dublin, and give you the tools you need to explore your destination by yourself, but never alone.

In taking one of these tours, you will connect with your destination through the stories you’ll hear, the places you will see, and the people you will meet along the way.

These tours are carefully created to give you a local, unique and authentic experience; they work with local historians, small business owners, guides and travel bloggers to create the best possible itineraries.

The best part? You are in control of your own experience. They simply guide you to their favourite spots, landmarks and hidden gems at your destination. Each tour comes with a printable PDF-guide with directions as well as the audio.

Who is Woander Tours for:Women who want a guided tour, without having to join a group or be led by an in person guide.
Destinations:Edinburgh, Dublin, West Cork
Duration:45 minutes of audio, split into multiple recordings (add time for the stops you make along the way).
Price range:Starting at €12
Single supplement:

+Connect with local people and experiences, and support local economies. No need to travel with a group or guide if you want to explore on your own time.

-There are limited destinations right now, so we look forward to more guides being released soon. Make sure you remain conscious of your surroundings with headphones in.

Purposeful Nomad

Purposeful Nomad focuses on what the name indicates, making sure that their trips have a positive impact, as they say “responsible, rewarding, safe, sustainable and ethical travel for women, by women”.

Their focus is on women-only, intimate and small group trips that go deeper and do not focus on the main tourist sites but on responsible tourism. Instead, you will learn something new like how to shear an alpaca or cook using traditional methods.

Days are spent at farms, beaches or at local foundations and charities fighting for women’s rights; there are yoga sessions and slow days by the sea. The emphasis of Purposeful Nomad is on slow travel.

Who is Purposeful Nomad for:Women who enjoy traveling slowly and being exposed to other cultures, slowly and deeply. Travelers who want their vacation investment to go to a good cause and also learn something new.
Destinations:Wide range: Dominican Republic, Cuba, Ecuador, Georgia, Greece, Guatemala, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Mongolia, Tanzania.
Duration:From 7 to 14 days.
Price range:Starting at $2,450 to $5,525 depending on destination.
Single supplement:Prices are per per person sharing but there are single supplements available.

+Get exposed to (mostly) women-owned charities and organisations from around the world and relax with lots of free time to simply take it all in. The purpose is to return recharged.

-Experiences tend to shy away from major tourist sites (not bad per se) and may not cover the key tourist attractions. Prices are on the high side.


Started, and almost always led, by Beth in 2008 as a means for her to take other women on some of the places she loves, WanderTours offers a small list of tours for women only (with some exceptions) that feel more like a group of friends getting together than a group tour company.

Beth encourages future guests to friend her on Facebook and get to know her better to decide if they would enjoy going on a trip.

She also hosts the She’s Bold Podcast, in which she shares stories of extraordinary women who inspire in many areas like travel, music, fitness, and more.

Who is WanderTours for:Cozy, adventurous tours to some off the beaten path destinations nobody else organises women only tours to.
Destinations:Baja (Mexico), Morocco, Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii.
Duration:From 7 days to 15 days.
Price range:Starting at $2,500 for the Baja trip up to $7,250 for Papua New Guinea.
Single supplement:WanderTours tries to pair travelers if possible else there is a pricey supplement.

+The only women’s adventure travel company that organizes trips to Papua New Guinea giving you a unique opportunity (if pricey). Cozy and friendly, as if you were traveling with a friend.

-On the pricey side but this also includes a portion of the cost devoted to a local charity that usually works with women or children. Group tours are a bit larger than others (up to 16 guests).

Adventures in Good Company

Founded in 1999 by Marian Marbury, Adventures in Good Company focuses on adventure travel for women with emphasis on women of all ages.

Their trips have an outdoor focus and involve various level of activity depending on your choice. There is hiking across Greenland or the villages of Cinque Terre, kayaking in the sea, exploration in the Amazon or multi-sport trips with a bit of everything. Birders can marvel at Guyana and seafarers can sail in Turkey.

Because of the focus on nature, Adventures in Good Company has a strong responsible tourism charter and follows the leave no trace principles. Traveling slowly and being a fully remote team also helps contribute to sustainable travel.

In 2020 Kelly Kimple assumed ownership of the company, bringing fresh energy and a commitment to the vision and philosophy of guiding on which Adventures in Good Company was founded.

Who is Adventures in Good Company for:Outdoorsy women, 40 and 65 years old, who like to explore places on foot/kayak/horse and prefer to hike through rural Italy than hoping on a car. Those looking to conquer longer hikes such Camino de Santiago.
Destinations:Lots of domestic destinations in the US and a wide array of international trips to many popular destinations and some lesser known ones such as Guayana or Greenland.
Duration:From 4 days for the US getaways to 14 days for the longer trips.
Price range:Starting at $1,395 for the shorter US trips up to $8,000 for the once in a lifetime trips to Papua New Guinea.
Single supplement:Adventures in Good Company tries to pair travelers if possible and switches up the sharing arrangement throughout the trip, else there is a single supplement.

+A true outdoor tour company giving you the unique chance to explore the world on foot. Long years of experience. Wide portfolio of trips in the US. Clear audience of older women.

-The website feels a bit 2000s and is clunky and time consuming to navigate and filter due to the amount of trips (calendar view works best). Very US-focused in audience.

The Girls’ Guide to Paris

Founded by Doni, an American living in France, primarily with a focus on the country, The Girls’ Guide to Paris now offers 50+ different trips to destinations around the world with a touch of luxury, a welcome glass of champagne and a default no sharing policy.

You will find holidays ideal for mature women like wine trips, writing retreats, artist-themed itineraries and a wide range of destinations and curated trips to satisfy any craving. All solo travel female packages are mid to high end and prices are offered per room, but you can get a discount if you book with a friend.

Special SFT perk: Mention you heard about them from us and you will receive $100 OFF from any booking.

Who is The Girl’s Guide to Paris for:Mature women with an interest in culture, gastronomy and wine.
Destinations:Over 50 destinations across the world with an emphasis on France and Europe but with exotic trips to far flung places too and retreats.
Duration:From 5 to 10 days depending on destination.
Price range:Starting at $3,500 for the shorter trips.
Single supplement:Prices displayed per person without sharing

+Very strong culture, food & wine focus with a long tradition and track record delivering fabulous experiences for mature women.

-Trips are on the expensive side since the positioning is high end. No option for pairing guests to save on accommodation.


Damesly goes beyond typical group tours and focuses on travel, writing and photography workshops and trips of self-discovery where there are elements of coaching, mentorship and business brought together to help you find clarity or direction.

The company is the travel arm of Go Girl Guides and Women’s Travel Fest and has a strong bond in the creative community appealing to women who may work in the field, although open to everyone.

Trips are mid to high end and have a focus on culture and beautiful sites. Destinations are photogenic and perfect for those who love to photograph.

Who is Damesly for:Cozy, adventurous tours with a learning component where you may pick up a new skill.
Destinations:US, Kenya, Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Uzbekistan.
Duration:From 4 days for the US getaways to 11 days for the longer trips.
Price range:Starting at $2,899 for the 4-day Grand Canyon trip up to $8,999 for the 10-day South Africa Photo Safari. International airfare not included.
Single supplement:All tours are based on shared accommodation with another traveler

+Like-minded creative community of women with similar passion means you will be among your own. Workshop trips have a skill-building element. Reasonably priced for the mid-high end range of accommodations.

-Prices are on the high side. Guides are most likely foreign and not local. While guests are female, the businesses supported are often not.

WHOA – Women High on Adventure

WHOA is a boutique adventure-focused women travel company founded by Allison and Danielle in 2013 to offer active holidays such as hiking to Everest Base Camp or Kilimanjaro with a sustainable and responsible twist.

Their trips put travelers in touch with local women to facilitate cultural interaction and they are all about empowerment. The company works with small local female-owned businesses instead of bigger ones.

WHOA is all about inclusion and has even launched trips for plus sized women. As they put it “WHOA women find comfort in the uncomfortable. We bask in the sun and dirt. Never afraid to break a nail, a sweat or a stereotype. Adventure is an outlook and it’s how we choose to live.”

There are two types of trips on offer, adventures and expeditions and WHOA can also organise your own private group trip. The majority of the trips have a maximum of 12 to 18 participants.

Who is WHOA for:Adventurous women looking for a physical challenge.
Destinations:Bavaria (Germany), Iceland, Kilimanjaro, Mongolia, Mt. Elbrus (Russia), New Zealand, Patagonia (South America), Peru.
Duration:From 6 days for Bavaria + Oktoberfest to 13 days, though the majority are about 8-10 days long.
Price range:Starting at $2,950 for the shorter Oktoberfest to $5,550 for New Zealand. International airfare not included.
Single supplement:All tours are based on shared accommodation with another traveler. Because of the nature of the trips single accommodation is less common (camping, etc.)

+Fun and unapologetic with a strong responsible and sustainable tourism focus and women empowerment.

– Small tour company so limited list of tours and all very hardcore active (except for the Oktoberfest which may be tougher on the liver than the legs!). Some trips can be quite large (18 pax for Kilimanjaro). Although guests are female, guides aren’t always female or local.

Wild Women Expeditions

Wild Women Expeditions has been around for over 30 years and focuses on adventure and active trips for women of all ages.

They have wide portfolio of trips to many countries in the world all under the same active common denominator. They also have yoga retreats and safari expeditions.

As they put it “We encourage you to let go and get wild! We value freedom of expression and want to give you the space to maybe see yourself in a new light, outside of your regular responsibilities and everyday roles.”

Wild Women Expeditions also organises private trips for groups and has a couple of trips for teenage girls.

The company focuses on being in the moment so all trips start with a discussion on photography and videography and recommends guests to be in the moment and void constant social media updates. Likewise, they encourage participants not to bring drones.

Who is WWE for:Outdoorsy and active women between 35-55 years of age who want to connect with nature and disconnect from the day to day.
Destinations:Chile, Argentina, Peru, Galapagos, Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, Bahamas, US, Canada, Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Azores, Morocco, Egypt, Tanzania, Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand.
Duration:From 4 days to 21 days, though most of the trips are from 8-13 days.
Price range:Starting at $820 for the shortest trip up to $8,495. Excluding Antarctica tours which are the most expensive: from $8,995 to $18,795. International airfare not included.
Single supplement:All tours are based on shared accommodation with another traveler. Single supplements are available.

+Experienced women’s tour company. Wide portfolio with several departures for some of the trips means it is easier to find the right one for you. 7-day risk free cancellation policy and the ability to pay in instalments.

-Slow and clunky website that makes it hard and time-consuming to search and compare. If you are someone who likes to document everything or take lots of photography and videography you may find the trip philosophy to be against it.

The Women’s Travel Group

The Women’s Travel Group was established in 1992 and has a portfolio of women trips that usually include more than one country and cater to an older demographic interested in having a more in-depth conversation about the culture, the politics and the history of a place.

As its President, Phyllis Stoller, put it to us, “Our guides are for smart women who bring complicated questions.”

You will find some of the popular destinations as well as more unusual ones like Albania, Georgia or Madagascar.

Accommodation tends to be on the higher end and meals better than average. Emphasis is on culture and food and the itinerary is closed. No shopping stops and no free time. Prices are mostly all inclusive and there are no surprises or hidden costs.

Phyllis continues, “We often have a speaker who talks about the dark side of a country. For example, a human rights worker in Chile under Pinochet; an economic development expert in Albania; a Fistula Doctor in Ethiopia. We like controversy to get the group to talk.”

Who is The Women’s Travel Group for:Women between the ages of 45 and 70 who want to truly get to know a country beyond the surface and make the most of their vacation time. Bonus if you also appreciate good food and wine.
Destinations:Italy, Greece, Patagonia (South America), Mexico, Morocco, Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan), France, UK, Kenya & Madagascar, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Croatia, Montenegro, India, Nepal + Bhutan, Egypt, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia.
Duration:From 6 days to 3 weeks when you go on more than one consecutive trip.
Price range:Starting at $1,575 for the Ixtapan Fitness and Spa Resort trip to $6000+ for the longer trips.
Single supplement:Tours allow for for sharing and there are single supplements to be added.

+More in-depth conversation to truly get under the skin of a place, unique to The Women’s Travel Group. No extras that aren’t included. Packed itinerary gets a lot in.

-Closed itinerary means you need to love the whole (or you can skip some parts). The website is a bit clunky; Information is hard to locate and compare so it might be best to reach out to them directly for the trips you are interested in.


Founded in 1982, AdventureWomen runs one of the oldest female travel group trips with a focus on adventure travel for women over the age of 35 who want to step outside of their comfort zone and challenge themselves.

The company was purchased by the current owner Judi Wineland and her two daughters in 2016, and today runs trips to 65 countries. As the company says, they are not a travel company but a relationship one.

In an interview Wineland says, “We’re kind of a tribe of sorts, seeking other like-minded spirits to share our adventures with. So, if you want to make travel experiences really transformational for women, it’s probably best if women are driving the ship.”

AdventureWomen has one of the widest portfolios of destinations and a strong and well-established track-record with a guide-ambassador combo per trip, surveys and research into female travel and lots more.

Like most other women travel groups in this list the company is female-owned and works with female-owned businesses. AdventureWomen also organizes private trips for your female group.

Who is AdventureWomen for:Adventurous women over the age of 35 who want an active holiday.
Destinations:65 countries in all continents except Oceania and several destinations within the US. You can find specialty trips such as sailing in Croatia or hiking the Camino de Santiago.
Duration:From 6 days for the US getaways to 14 days for the longer trips.
Price range:Starting at $3,295 for the shorter US trips up to $8,995 for the 11-day Japan trip. International airfare not included.
Single supplement:All tours are based on shared accommodation with another traveler but single supplements are available.

+Company with long experience in the industry. Huge array of destinations and a focus on community and relationship.

-Prices are very high for some of the trips considering they are for shared accommodations. Age restriction is both a plus and a minus and you should expect a higher age representation.

Explorer Chick

Explorer Chick is another a female adventure travel company for women traveling together to conquer new heights, and we mean that literally as well as figuratively.

They shy away from luxury and premium tours and instead focus on getting you back in nature and staying in the purest accommodations; tents, yurts and huts.

As they say “We promise hysterical laughing, unladylike behavior, strings of cuss words, and happy exhaustive fatigue on all of our adventures”. Or, as the founder puts it, “we would do cool shit in cool places with cool chicks!”

I think you get the gist of the company’s philosohy!

Besides organizing women only adventure tours, Explorer Chick also offer day trips and long weekend getaways within the US which consist of adventures and hiking trips across the country. They can also organize private departures for any of their advertised tours where men are welcome to join.

Who is Explorer Chick for:Adventurous women of any age who can laugh at themselves and are looking for a challenge, perhaps to find themselves again or start afresh.
Destinations:US, Canada, Mexico, Belize, Peru, Galapagos, Iceland.
Duration:From 2-day trips in the US to 14 days bucket list trips.
Price range:Starting at $1,299 for the shorter US trips up to $4,199 for the 14-day Peru adventure. International airfare not included.
Single supplement:All tours are based on shared accommodation with another traveler but single supplements are available on some of the trips (not all).

+Strong focus on having fun and little tolerance for moaners and complainers who will be removed from the trips.

-Shorter trips are on the expensive side. Dietary needs may not be catered for (in which case you may have to bring your own food). No instalment plans.

Sights and Soul Travel

Sights and Soul Travel is a women travel package company that specializes in high-end women travel tours which include premium experiences and activities, wine and food and upscale hotels and hit the traditional tourist sites.

Expect wine tasting, spas, wellness elements and fine dining built into a more traditional and cultural trip.

Tours have a lot of activities and a packed itinerary so you will get to cover a lot. Because of the type of trip, they are appealing to mother-daughter getaways and the company states that their average guest is above the age of 55.

Who is Sights and Soul Travel for:Mature women who like comfort and convenience and value visiting main sites in one trip
Destinations:Huge array of popular destinations: Australia, The Baltic, Brazil + Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Eastern Europe, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Holland + Belgium, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Africa + Zimbabwe + Botswana, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand + Laos, UAE, UK, Vietnam + Cambodia.
Duration:Most of the trips are a week to 10 days long but some are shorter to be added as extension to other, eg. Angkor Wat.
Price range:Starting at $2,920 for the week-long tours. The majority of the trips are between $3,000 to $5,000. International airfare not included.
Single supplement:All tours are based on shared accommodation with another traveler but single supplements are available.

+Huge array of destinations with a more traditional travel style: buses, cities and main sites. Most of the trips are almost all inclusive.

-The itineraries are packed which can be a Pro and a Con. Prices are on the high-end for a shared accommodation. Groups can be a bit larger than other companies (up to 16 guests)

Femscape Sojourns

Femscape Sojourns was founded in 2018 and is a boutique mother-daughter small group travel company that organizes trips based on the traveler’s age. There are trips for women in their 20s and 30s and for women over 40. The company also has specific mother-daughter trips.

Founded by Tami and Latifah, Femscape Sojourns wants to empower women in the places they visit so they work and support local women-owned businesses. The idea is that travelers preferences change with age and that is why trips are tailored to various age groups.

In keeping with that, the mother-daughter duo escort the group in their age range.

Who is Femscapes Sojourns for:Women who prefer to travel with likeminded women of a similar age or who want to take their mum or daughter on a trip.
Destinations:Morocco, Spain.
Duration:From 9-10 days.
Price range:From $2,500 to $5,000.
Single supplement:Femscape Sojourns can pair you up with another traveler or you can pay the single supplement.

+Small groups of 6-12 women. Unique mother-daughter trips for bonding. Cozy and personalised, hosted by the owners. Some trips have a free day you can customise.

-As the company is relatively new, the range of trips is very limited to Barcelona and Morocco.

Fit & Fly

Fit & Fly takes the idea of a fitness and wellness retreat to the next level with premium & luxury accommodation, local exploration and world class instructors.

Guests start the day with a fitness class and some evenings end with yoga, but the rest of the day is spent exploring the destination. Fitness is at the core of the trips.

Who is Fit & Fly for:Women who enjoy premium experiences and want to stay fit when they travel.
Destinations:Bali, Ibiza, Morocco, Tuscany, Maldives, French Riviera, US, Iceland, Dubai + Abu Dhabi.
Duration:From 6 to 8 days.
Price range:Starting at $3,200 for the shared accommodations in Bali up to $5,900 for the single master rooms in Tuscany.
Single supplement:Single rooms can add $1,000 to the trip price and there aren’t a lot of sharing options.

+Premium accommodations and renowned fitness instructors flown in for the occasion.

-Very high price, especially for the single rooms. Limited options for solo travelers to share with other as many rooms are for single use or friends booking together.


SmarTours is a US company that specializes in creating exciting international tours at accessible prices. The company focuses and responsible and sustainable travel with groups an average of 23 guests.

SmarTours has an exclusive section of women-only tours, aimed at mature women who want to have a once in a lifetime experience. They inspire and empower women to travel and offer many immersive female-focused experiences in their trips.

Some of their top women-only tour destinations are Jordan, Egypt and Turkey. A few of their amazing female-focused experiences are: a modern Egyptian women lecture and connecting with Jordanian local women.

They also have a FB group where women can find a roommate or connect with fellow female guests before their trip.

Who is SmarTours for:Mature women looking for immersive international experiences at accesible prices.
Destinations:Jordan, Morocco, Iceland, Egypt, Turkey
Duration:From 7 to 14 days.
Price range:Starting at $1,599 up to $2,348 for the longest tour.
Single supplement:They offer low single supplements for single rooms, and in some departures there’s no single supplement at all.

+Immersing international trips at very affordable prices. Some trips have no single supplements at all. Exotic and fascinating destinations with mature women-focused experiences.

-Limited destinations for their women-only tours. Limited single room options. There is a single supplement in the majority of the tours. Large groups of up to 23 guests to keep costs down.

Road scholar women

Road scholar is known for its educational trips that are intensely focused on culture, learning and getting deep into the history of a place through lectures and sessions on various topics.

Besides their general trips that are open to anyone, the Road Scholar Women trips are exclusively for women. Some of their itineraries are exclusively women-only and designed with women in mind, whereas others are just women-only departures with the same general program.

Who is Road Scholar Women for:Older women interested in history and learning.
Destinations:Women group packages are available in the US only.
Duration:From 4 to 6 days.
Price range:Starting at $845 up to $1,995.
Single supplement:They offer low single supplements for single rooms, and in some departures there’s no single supplement at all.

+In-depth cultural and historical understanding with lectures led by specialists and experts on various cultural aspects of the country.

-Limited destinations for their women-only tours. Very large groups of 13 to 24 guests means the experience is different than that of a smaller group tour company.

Other women travel groups to look out for

Besides the above women’s tours there are a few other tours for women worth mentioning, as follows:

  • Dare to detour offers retreats in the US that are more about self-discovery and taking a break from your daily life to pause, re-frame, rethink, and perhaps find yourself and your path again.
  • Women traveling together offer solo traveler tours for women in the US. Trips are usually 6-7 days long and mostly culturally-focused.
  • Living Big Travel is not an exclusive women travel group company but rather a custom-tour company that organizes trips for solo travelers so you can reach out to them if you wish to go on an adventure on your own.
  • She Hit Refresh is a community which also organizes retreats in Spain and Morocco for women over the age of 30 who want to make a big change and pursue a life of travel. As the founder puts it “[the retreats are] a magical week of exploration, introspection, and inspiration!”
  • Adventurous Women is an Australian company who offer tours, day trips, retreats and many memorable experiences throughout Australia. Most of the women who join them come solo and there’s a wide age range. Depending on the kind of adventure you’re into, you can find everything from hiking to water-based trips.
  • Diva Destinations is a UK company that specializes in bringing together lesbian & queer women on group holidays. They have group tours in the UK, US, Norway and Portugal.

Why you should join a women travel group

Women want to travel and sometimes, they don’t have the right friend or travel companion to do so. While many choose to travel on their own (watch our mini-documentary to find out more), many prefer to join a group. Both choices are amazing and rewarding, if you’re still thinking about it, get some inspiration from our solo travel quotes.

Although it sounds like an oxymoron, solo travel tours are a great alternative for inexperienced travelers who prefer the comfort of an organized tour where they can make new friends and gather the courage to go it alone in the future.

Several companies have sprung in recent years to facilitate women traveling together via group trips, hangouts or meet-up groups. Besides our own women only group trips, we also created a sub-group for solo female travelers wanting to swap homes, hangout or host other members of the community in a safe environment.

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