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Thousands of businesses every year are forced to make decisions without quantitative data.

If your business wants to target solo female travelers, you no longer need to rely on incomplete or inaccurate reports, you can now access comprehensive research.

Launch a tour that sells out. Market a product that solves a real pain-point. Serve latent demand.

Data is powerful

The Solo Female Travel survey is filled in by 5,000 respondent from over 100 countries every year. It is the most comprehensive and detailed study on solo female travel behaviors, preferences and attitudes every conducted.

If our summary results page, or our detailed reports do not have the level of detail you need for your business to make the right decisions, reach out to us for a customized report.

Order your custom Solo Female Travel Trends report

Below are some of the questions a custom report can answer:

What solo female travelers from a specific region are looking for

Solo female travel preferences of expats

Preferences of solo female travelers in a specific age group

The type of group tour women in your target audience are interested in

What the top destinations are for solo female travelers from a specific country

Who has your destination at the top of their bucket list

What women from a specific country, region or age group care about the most when booking a solo trip

We can custom prepare reports based on you business objectives and needs. Below is a list of variables collected as part of the 2020 Solo Female Travel Survey:

Social demographic indicators

  • Age
  • Country of origin
  • Country of residence
  • Expat label
  • Education level
  • Occupation level
  • Marital status
  • Children (Yes / No)
  • Annual income

Travel profile and experience

  • Travel spent per year
  • Number of trips per year
  • Travel companions
  • Interest in small group trips
  • Bucket list destinations

Solo female travel preferences

  • Level of experience traveling solo
  • Motivations for solo travel
  • Worries when solo traveling
  • Purchase decision factors when choosing a travel provider
  • Ideal first time solo travel destination
  • Sources of trusted advice
  • Purchase decision factors when choosing a destination
  • Activities when traveling

Order your custom Solo Female Travel Trends report

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