2021 Solo Female Travel Survey: Changing COVID Restrictions more Important than Safety

For immediate release – March 8th, 2022

The results of the 2021 Solo Female Travel Trends Survey have been released to coincide with International Women’s Day; Solo Female Travel is increasing and here to stay, travel brands and destinations can’t afford to ignore this mainstream segment.

Every year, 5,000 women take part in the annual Solo Female Travel Trends Survey, the largest, most comprehensive and only global research study on solo female travel trends, preferences and behaviours.

Run by Solo Female Travelers, the results provide the travel industry with accurate, updated and detailed solo travel insights, specifically of the needs, preferences, behaviours and challenges of solo female travelers.

This year’s research will be the basis of a tourism paper in gender equality published by Griffith University, Australia. 

Of the key findings, traveling solo is a choice, and the lack of a travel companion or partner is not a key motivator for why most women travel solo (more than 80% of respondents agree they travel solo because of flexibility, enjoying a break from routine, personal growth, and relaxation).

“People think that you are on a solo trip because you don’t have anyone to go with you, but most of the time you do it because you don’t care if someone else wants to go with you” said one respondent.

Changing COVID restrictions is the number one concern of women traveling solo but safety remains a key barrier. The pandemic has increased interest in group travel by 66% versus 2020 (39% in 2020 to 65% in 2021).

“The travel industry needs to recognise that this is a huge market and offer more tailored products” says Co-Founder, Mar Pages.

“This is why we developed women-only tours specifically to address the challenges, worries, and concerns of Solo Female Travelers, and many of our destinations are practically sold out from an early bird waitlist before they are even launched.”

Travelling solo as a woman still faces a lot of stigma and is subject to many opinions and cultural resistance, and yet it is on the rise.

“It’s time the travel industry normalises solo travel for women. It is not niche, it is mainstream, and the industry needs to better understand what women travelling solo need, and adapt their offer accordingly, rather than assuming and offering the wrong product” says Co-Founder, Meg Jerrard.

Travel brands and destinations need to design products and experiences based on the advice of women who have traveled solo and not on the advice of men or of women who don’t travel on their own.

Surveys like this one provide the industry with reliable, accurate and up to date information on the needs, wants and challenges of this growing customer base so they can be better served.

To view the full results from 2021, visit https://www.solofemaletravelers.club/solo-female-travel-stats/ 

Profile of the founders and high res images can be found here.

For tourism brands serious about learning how to better serve the solo female travel segment, corporate opportunities are available for strategic consultancy and staff training to equip employees with the knowledge and skills to properly serve Solo Female Travelers.



Solo Female Travelers 

Solo Female Travelers is a global community of 140,000 women who love to travel solo. Founded in 2015, and led by experienced travelers and online publishers Mar Pages and Megan Jerrard, it was the world’s first English community of its kind, and today remains one of the largest and most dynamic Facebook Groups for solo female travelers. 

The community is a trusted travel resource with a global footprint and members in over 100 different countries. Despite a huge cross section of age, heritage and travel experience, the group thrives on a diverse range of world views, and offers a supportive and empowering space where women from all walks of life come together for inspiration, travel advice, safety tips and to share stories and experiences. 

The website, www.solofemaletravelers.club, is a hub for popular group resources, the purpose-built Solo Female Travel Safety Index, and Empowerful – the world’s first Solo Female Travel Safety, Wellness, and Sexual Wellbeing Course

To bring its members together in person, the community also offers a range of intimate group trips for women and by women, to bucket list destinations such as Morocco, Tanzania, Iceland, or Greece, authentic immersive experiences in Catalonia, the Amalfi Coast, Venice and Tuscany.

Solo Female Travelers is a pioneering platform committed to female empowerment through travel on an international scale. Profile of the founders and high res images can be found here.

Media Contact:

Mar Pages & Meg Jerrard

Co-Founders, Solo Female Travelers

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