Take Part in the LARGEST EVER Solo Female Travel Survey and win $2,000 in Prizes!!

To continue giving a voice to women who travel on their own, and to normalize traveling solo, Solo Female Travelers and SheFari have launched the first of an annual survey on Solo Female Travel behaviors and trends.

With a 72,000 member community, this will be the LARGEST survey on the topic of Solo Female Travel ever published!

Believe it or not, despite women booking over 80% of travel, little comprehensive research has been done on solo female travel trends… that means companies are simply offering what they think you want.

So why don’t we tell them what you actually want?!

For just 10 minutes of your time, you can play a vital role in voicing what matters to YOU, enhance your solo travel experience, and potentially change the way women are served in travel, forever!

And we’re GIVING AWAY $2,000 USD in travel prizes to thank YOU for helping us!

Solo Female Travelers is one of the first global communities of women who travel solo. We have over 72,000 members from all over the world and are committed to empowering women to travel solo on their own terms.

SheFari connects women through transformative journeys, from unique retreats to unforgettable group adventures. Ideal for solo travelers, SheFari trips offer a variety of activities and styles created for dynamic women.

Every Participant Will Be Entered into the Draw and Stand a Chance to Win…

More than US $2,000 worth of prizes from our partners!

Earn Extra Entries for every public share of this page with #SoloFemaleTravelSurvey

Simone + Co Tasmania

How to Complete the Survey

The survey is OPEN from November 18 – December 9 2020 (3 weeks).

We will be drawing prizes at the end of every week, so the earlier you enter, the MORE CHANCES you have to win!! (i.e if you complete the survey by November 18, you can win prizes every week for 3 weeks).


The survey is open to all women, or those who identify as female.

There is one survey for those who have traveled solo. There is a separate survey for those who have never traveled solo but want to.


If you have traveled solo before click on the box below that says ‘I have traveled solo’ and complete the survey.

If you have never traveled solo click on that box instead.

Join our Solo Female Travelers Facebook Group to win prizes.

Win 2k in Prizes:

Every group member who fully completes their survey is automatically entered for a change to win (1 entry).

Earn extra entries by sharing this page with #SoloFemaleTravelSurvey – earn 1 extra entry for every public social media share! Feel free to use our shareable images at the end of this page.

What Exactly Are the Prizes?

We’re not just giving away any old prizes – we have partnered with female owned businesses, and businesses with largely female teams, to promote products that align with our values.

Winners will be drawn at random from all survey respondents. Every completed survey receives 1 entry into the draw, and you earn unlimited extra entries for every public social media share which carries the #SoloFemaleTravelSurvey hashtag.

We will be drawing prizes at the end of every week, so the earlier you enter, the MORE CHANCES you have to win!! (i.e. if you complete the survey November 18, you have the chance to win prizes every week, whereas if you complete the survey December 9, you will only be in the draw for the final set of prizes). Every week 4 new winners will take home one of the below 18 prizes. More details on the giveaway rules can be found here.

Here are the exact prizes we will be GIVING AWAY:

Enter by November 25 to WIN:

Aquila Tote Bag – Amber Brown Vegan Leather

From White Elm

We know that leather provides a luxurious style, but it’s not so great for the environment. This vegan tote gives you the texture, feel, and look of leather!

Use this oversized tote for work, play, and daily errands. Its neutral brown color matches nearly everything, so you can wear it with all of your outfits. Pack it up with your phone, keys, wallet, laptop, and more, and conquer your day with the ultimate combo of fashion and function.

Globetrotting Gifts

1 x World Mug with Pen Set
1 x USA Mug with Pen Set
1 x World Tote
1 x USA Tote
1 x World Journal

(5 Winners) From Trouvaille

Trouvaille Global is a London-based small business founded by Candelaria and Greg, a couple of creative globetrotters who design unique gifts inspired by their wanderlust and who are committed to creating high-quality products sustainably.

Trouvaille’s products make for a wonderful memento of past adventures and a daily inspiration to keep exploring.

5 winners will each receive one of the above listed gifts from Trouvaille.

Amethyst Threader Earrings

From Au Xchange

February Amethyst Threader

Au Xchange Fine Gold Jewelry features unique enduring designs created using ethically refined solid gold and conflict-free gemstones.

Their pieces offer incredible value and a steadfast commitment to supporting girls’ education in developing nations, to promote financial independence and leadership in women and thereby help eliminate poverty.

Purple in color, the Amethyst gemstone is symbolic of protection.

The Passport-XL CrossBody Bag

From Alicia Dakteris

The Passport Bag

Alicia Dakteris’ creations were born out of the need to have a practical handbag solution for international travels as well as something nice for stepping out to dinner – a combination handbag for both business and pleasure. 

THE PASSPORT bag is handmade with premium Italian leather in USA. It will keep your glasses, credit cards, keys, phone, make-up and passport protected.

It can be used as a Crossbody bag or around your neck for safety, which makes this bag perfect for airports, concerts, festivals, or a long walk.

PLUS … your name can be drawn again next week, AND the week after!

Enter by December 2 to WIN:

$100 Gift Card to ourCommonplace

From ourCommonplace

ourCommonplace is an ethical and sustainable marketplace that allows for fashion-forward women to shop by the values that matter to them the most.

The values that you would be able to shop by on site include sustainable, ethical, cruelty-free, woman-owned, bipoc-owned, and toxic-free. 

They’re working on creating a world where the standards that they hold our partners accountable for becomes commonplace industry-wide.

Self-care SOUK Skincare Beauty Package

1 x CoQ10 Antioxidant Serum
1 x Cranberry & Turmeric Clay Mask
1 x Timeless Glow Line Fading Elixir

From SOUK Skincare

SOUK believes that skin care should be clean, effective and affordable. Every woman deserves to feel confident in the skin they’re in, so they created products that are all derived from natural ingredients.

SOUK’s mission is to instill confidence in women everywhere through a basic daily activity – our skincare. They were founded through travel and the beauty of the Marrakech Markets, and instill principles of small batch production and utilizing ingredients found in the desert.

3-Month Caramel of the Month Subscription

From McCrae’s Candies

McCrea’s Candies uses the freshest – and fewest – ingredients possible to deliver 16 flavors of  luxe, chewy caramels that will delight any palate. 

Containing only butter, sugar, cream, and real food flavorings such as fresh ginger, organic, fair trade coffee, and sprigs of rosemary, the caramels are gluten-, nut-, and soy-free. 

Each month you will receive three dozen pieces of one flavor of luxe, handcrafted caramels.

DryFoxCo Travel Towels

1 x Travel Towel Set
2 x DryFoxCo Travel Towel XL

(3 winners) From DryFoxCo


DryFoxCo has reinvented the towel with compact travelers in mind making them lightweight, absorbent & quick drying, as well as a pocket for securely concealing your valuables!

Made by a solo female backpacker with the mission to help everyone
travel smart by packing light, one winner will receive a 3 piece travel towel set, and two winners will each receive one XL travel towel.

PLUS … your name can be drawn again for more prizes next week!

Enter by December 9 to WIN:

Violet Clean Kit (UV-C Sanitizer Bag w/Tray)

From P.MAI

P.MAI is a California-based brand that creates sophisticated, functional bags for work, play, and travel. They believe everyone should be comfortable and confident—without sacrificing style.

This  new Violet Clean Kit is designed to protect you from the invisible germs and bacteria that live on everyday objects. We might wash our hands often, but what about our phones, keys, wallets, and facemasks? Did you know your phone has 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom? Ouf. 

Tasmanian Made Jewellery Prize Pack!

4 x Leaf Earrings Set
1 x Pink Mirror Monster Coasters
1 x Ring Mountain

1 x Jewelry Dish

Simone and Co & Creations and Co

Two female-owned Tasmanian small businesses have joined forces to bring us this beautiful prize pack, with 4 sets of stunning leaf earrings from Creations and Co, Pink Mirror Monstera Coasters, and concrete Ring Mountain and Dish from Simone + Co Design.

Handmade in Hobart Tasmania, and thoughtfully designed by makers Nadia and Ange.

Simone + Co Design are a permanent fixture at Hobart’s famous Salamanca Markets every Saturday at stall 229.

The Pakt Coffee Kit (for Travel)

From Pakt

Tired of terrible coffee while on the go? The Pakt Coffee Kit is everything you need to make barista-quality coffee in one sleek, portable package.

Use anywhere you have access to water and electricity.

At Pakt, we like to keep travel simple so you can experience more. Our mission is to create unique and refined, responsibly-sourced travel accessories for our growing community of environmentally-conscious travelers.

The Strand Wrap Eco Friendly Travel Essential

From Noble Sands

Noble Sands is the first travel, earth, and heart friendly resort wear brand. Its signature product, The Strand Wrap, can be styled 15+ ways as a dress, skirt, top, coverup, set or accessory.

Made in Los Angeles with custom Repreve® recycled fabric, a portion of all sales go towards women’s heart health research.

It is practical, versatile, and takes up very little space when traveling.

Remember to share tagging #SoloFemaleTravelSurvey on social for extra entries!

Thank you to Our Media Partners For Spreading the Word!

The following female-empowering publications and media partners have been instrumental in helping us spread the word about this survey. Because of their support, this truly will be the largest Solo Female Traveler Survey ever!!

YOU can help spread the word too!

The more Solo Female Travelers who complete this survey, the stronger position we are in to BREAK, CHALLENGE, and SMASH stereotypes about women who travel solo.

Help us reach more women by sharing this survey with your friends, family, in the Facebook Groups you’re part of, and the random friends you met in an overseas bar 9 years ago and have forever been seeing their life unfold in your Facebook feed! Remember to include the hashtag #SoloFemaleTravelSurvey to earn extra entries into the Giveaway!

We have a huge range of really cool images you can post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram here at the end of this page. Join these amazing female media partners in SHARING THIS SURVEY:

About Our Media Partners

Lonely Planet Travelers Group is a place to stay up to date with travel news and information, as well as tips and tricks to aid in your travels from the most well known destinations to hidden corners around the world.

As a member of their community you’ll have exclusive and early bird access to new launches, and access to Q/A from their experts.

Wanderful is a global lifestyle brand and community that helps all women travel the world by connecting them to their biggest asset – each other.

Their online membership community connects women who love to travel while also providing expert learning for travel creators to build healthy, thriving businesses and change the travel industry for the better.

Travel Play Live is a magazine and digital platform with a mission to build, empower and inspire a healthy, active community of women with a passion to dream big, challenge yourselves and expand your horizons no matter your preferred type of adventure.

It is the only travel, adventure and lifestyle magazine in Australia written entirely for, and by women.

JourneyWoman was founded in 1994, and is the original women’s solo travel publication, inspiring generations of adventurous, courageous women to take their first step as solo travellers.

Their award-winning editorial empowers women to travel safely and well, with practical, honest tip and advice from real women with decades of solo travel experience. 

Girls Fight Back teaches the basics of personal safety and empowerment self-defense to women, girls, and people of all genders worldwide through interactive live seminars and online workshops.

They believe that you are worth fighting for and when we are empowered to live our lives confidently and freely, there is no limit to what we can do! 

FLIK is a platform & community hub connecting female founders/leaders and students across the world via meaningful apprenticeships.

Founders get helping hands on their businesses and a network of powerful leaders, and students gain career-relevant experience, skills training, mentorship, and peer learning.

The Boutique Adventurer focuses on Hidden Gems and Unexplored Areas in Destinations both Emerging & Known.

What they all have in common is that end they end the day in a hotel with a high thread count on its sheets – and tend to involve some fabulous food and wine!

Be My Travel Muse is a travel community geared towards the adventurous, off the beaten path-loving traveler.

Kristin’s vision of a better world is one where more women are empowered and living out their dreams. Solo travel is the best method she’s found to become the best, bravest version of herself.

Women’s Entrepreneur Network was founded in May, 2015 to create a supportive environment for women entrepreneurs.

It has grown exponentially, and has become a movement, and a group of over 70,000 members today.

My Adventures Across the World is a blog by Claudia Tavani; a former human rights lawyer who abandoned her academic career to pursue a life of travel.

Through her writing she wishes to inspire others to travel more and better.

Limitless Secrets follows Ophelie, an avid traveller, photographer and foodista from Paris, who shares her limitless secrets from exploring the globe.

Follow for her best addresses around the world, and her travel and lifestyle tips.

Can Travel Will Travel follows Tanya and Andy on their journey to travel live and work abroad (both solo and as a couple).

They focus on natural and cultural highlights, must-do activities, and anything ‘off the beaten track’ that visitors don’t normally do.

Curious Campers is a resource by Natalie and Steve, who have been travelling Australia for over ten years and have plenty of firsthand experience on a range of destinations, tours and activities.

From daytrips and wildlife tours to accommodation reviews and local sights, they share their experiences so you can put together the perfect itinerary.

Girl Gone International is the world’s largest female expat community and network. They connect globally minded international women online and face-to-face, and represent, empower and connecting womxn who live overseas.

They have a magazine, 200 + community hubs, 4000+ free events per year, and 500K members.

Once in a Lifetime Journey is a luxury, out of the ordinary travel blog that specialises in exclusive hotels, unique destinations and the least visited countries.

Close to visiting 120 countries, read Mar’s latest luxury hotel and resort stays, premium airline reviews and destination guides for the inside scoop on the finest things in life.

Creative Edge Travel offers small group and custom trips to connect with locals off-the-beaten-path in Italy. Experience authentic Italy through genuine connection with locals!

Travelistas United is a community of women entrepreneurs in the travel industry. They talk about how they want to impact the industry, support each other, and meet for events and retreats!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve traveled by myself on a group tour. Is this counted as solo travel?

Absolutely! We consider solo travel to be when you travel without a companion, even if you joined a group trip or tour.

Can I complete the survey anonymously?

Yes, you can complete the survey anonymously – our goal for this survey is to better understand solo female travelers’ preferences, worries and challenges so that we can continue to give you a voice in the travel industry. We don’t need your email address or name for that. However anonymous entries will not be entered into the Giveaway for prizes (as we won’t know how to contact you).

I’ve traveled solo in the past, but haven’t taken a trip in many years now. Do you still want my input?

Yes! We would still love your input, and we value your previous experience even if it wasn’t recent. Please do fill in the survey.

How will my data be used?

The data collected in this survey will be processed for the sole purpose of generating insights around solo female travel and in accordance with Solo Female Travelers Privacy Policy which you can find here.

How do I get an entry into the Giveaway?

Complete the survey right to the end. When you get to the thankyou page, and if you left us your email address, you’ll automatically be entered into the draw for prizes! You must be a member of our Facebook Group to be eligable to win prizes. The giveaway rules can be found here.

How do I get extra entries into the Giveaway?

Every time you share this survey page with the hashtag #SoloFemaleTravelSurvey you’ll recieve an extra entry into the draw to win prizes! There is no cap on the number of extra entries you can receive. Share widely and as much as you like. Social media shares must be public to allow us to track the hashtag and validate your entries. We will be tracking shares on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Can I choose which prize I want to win?

All our prizes are drawn randomly. But don’t worry – they’re all awesome!

When will the survey results be published?

The survey results will be published in mid – late January 2021. We will publish them here on our website, and within our Facebook Group.

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